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I know not everyone can afford to have professional photos constantly taken of them and their family. I know that you can't have a photographer on-call following you around 24/7 to get all of life's little moments.

As a mom and a photographer... I GET IT. You are your own photographer. I know how hard it can be to stow your phone and not take a million photos while you're at the trampoline park, on vacation or experiencing something new for the first time. Your baby's first milestoneS? Yeah... don't worry. I get it, because I still have all of those, too. In an album. On my phone. Waiting for me to do something with them. You have thousands of photos you're afraid to delete. Not all of them are in good light. Not all of them have the same coloring.

But what if I told you that I can make your cell phone images look high-end so that you have a seamless and cohesive photo album, made up of the very photos you took?

What if I also told you, that you can keep those edited images?

Hi! I'm Jess

While stuck in the quarantine of 2020, I had this idea...

I started designing mini-albums for myself after deciding I wanted to do something with all these images I have. I have SO many photos just holed up on my phone that I've done nothing with. As a photographer, that's really embarrassing to admit but it's the truth! I had thousands of photos and they were just sitting in the extra storage I pay extra money a month for. Because that's what it got to... I ran out of storage with how many photos I hoard!

I love designing albums and I love editing photos ( a rare thing among photographers), so I started putting the two together!

After sharing my mini-albums to my Instagram stories, SO MANY PEOPLE started asking me about them! My friends and previous clients started saying how much they loved them and how they wish they had a mini-album like that for themselves.

So, during the pandemic with not much else to do, I crafted this idea that people could send me their cell phone photos, I could edit them, design them an album and they can have the option to keep the cohesive edits!!

Coral Compass Albums

+ light editing

Up to 80 images
10 spreads (20 pages)
Light editing included in price
Your choice leather or linen cover


Signature Mini-Album

Submit your order here

Up to 120 images
10 spreads (20 pages)
Light editing included in price
Your choice leather or linen cover


Signature Album

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You got it!
Add on Digital Downloads to your order!
You'll receive a final gallery where you can download copies of your edited images 
and have access to our pro lab so you can order high quality prints. Pretty nifty, huh?


Digital Downloads

Want to keep the edits we create?!

More Before + Afters

Once you receive your personal upload link, you can add up to the maximum amount of photos allowed in your album size. 5x5 albums get up to 80 images, 8x8 albums get up to 120 images.

Step 2.

submit your photos

Once you've completed the upload process, we will start the editing and design process! We will get you a proof of the album we designed for you within 2 business days.

Step 3.

editing + design

We will send you a proof of the design and you can either approve it or send it back for revision. You get ONE revision. If it needs revising, we will repeat steps 3 + 4. If you approve it, we will move on to step 5!

Step 4.

Approve your design

Yay! You approved your album design and we will submit your order to our lab for production!! It will be 5-10 business days until you receive your album!
If you opted for a digital gallery with the edits of your images, we will send a final gallery where you will have download and shop access!!

Step 5.

Album goes to production

That's it!! The process is done and you can enjoy your album :)

Step 6.

The end

Sample Edits

Whether you want to do an album seasonally, every few months or just after big events or occasions, an album can be a great way to have something physical to look at with your friends and family, and even pass it on to your next generation. I don't know about you, but that's what I plan to do!

Get your album!

Submit your order here

Thank you!

I'll be in touch shortly

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is light editing? +
Light editing will consist of  color correcting, adjusting exposure and sharpening the images you submit to us so that your images and album are more cohesive. We will not take requests for additional editing or photoshopping. 

+ How long does this process take? +
Scroll up on this page to see what the process is like! 

+ Why choose Coral Compass Albums and not sites like Shutterfly? +
We do all the hard work for you, and you have the option to have your photos edited by a professional! That way, your album is cohesive and high-end!

+ What do you do with the images once my album is done? +
If you choose to purchase the edited copies of your images, you will receive a gallery where you can download them or order prints in our shop! If you don't choose to receive digital copies of the edits, we will store them in our company cloud for 6 months and then purge them. We will never release or use your images outside of your album design.

+ How do we send you our photos? +
After you submit your order form and pay your invoice, you will get a direct link from us within 1 business day where you can upload any images you want to add in your album. You can do this right from your phone or on a computer!

+ What kind of photos can I submit? + 
We encourage uploading your cell phone images for these kinds of albums, but if  you recently had professional photos taken  and want to have an album designed out of those, you can do that, too! Please note *we will NOT edit images that were clearly taken by another professional.* If we have concerns regarding some images that you'd like us to edit, we will contact you.

+ Can we request a certain editing style? +
We will not take requests for specific editing styles. The editing will be consistent to what is seen in our portfolios and our before and after examples. We only offer warm and bright imagery :)


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