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The first step towards choosing any photographer is knowing if they are a good fit for you! Figuring out if we are a good match is crucial. We really take the time to get to know you and the details of your wedding prior to any commitments. We serve a specific group of couples who know the value of what their wedding photographs hold, and know that the photos taken on their wedding day are important and permanently forever! With that said, we know that no two weddings are the same, and every detail counts! You pour your heart and soul into planning the wedding of your dreams and it's important to have a photographer who captures the overall vision of the day. So that when you sit down with a glass of wine to look back at your gallery, you can relive it moment to moment and cry or laugh all over again!

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Step 1. match made in heaven

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No wedding is safe and sound until the booking process is complete. We try to make all things Coral Compass easy-peasy. That means, once you've decided we are a match, we will send you an online proposal to put your wedding package together. Once completed, you'll fill out our online contract and submit a deposit. After that, the fun begins! You'll receive our Welcome Packet in the mail within a week or two, which will contain a few helpful tools to get you prepared for all the wedding shenanigans.

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Step 2. locking it down

Yay! You're officially official and it's time for your engagement session. This is a time to really get to know one another and find a nice groove. What you experience during your engagement session is similar to what you'll experience on your wedding day (with a little less pressure!). If you're nervous, don't be! We promise you'll feel at ease well before the end of the session rolls around. A sneak peek or two will be posted to help contain your excitement, and then a full blog post will follow. Once your gallery is blogged and finished, you'll receive a digital gallery where you can download and print til your hearts content.

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Step 3. Engagements

6-8 weeks (already?!) from the big day we will start popping up a little more. We will go over your wedding timeline to ensure everyone is on the same page, knowing exactly where to be at what times. 5 weeks prior, your final invoice and a more detailed questionnaire will be sent.

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Step 4. Detail-oriented

The big day has come! Sit back, relax and let us do our thing. While we try to have a little bit of tradition in our photographs, we strive to be as organic and candid as possible. Acting like a fly on the wall if you will. Your wedding will be gone before you know it, but we will be right there to document it all every minute of the day! 

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Step 5. It's happening!

While you're off honey-mooning, we will be posting a few sneak peeks to help contain the excitement of everyone who attended your beautiful event and are dying to see some work. Once your full gallery is finished, we will send a proof gallery for you to review and approve. Once approved, we will get to designing and ordering all your custom products. If you ordered an album or prints, you'll be able to pick which photos you want to include in the final designs or order.

We will ship your products to you and provide a tracking number for you to have in case you are wondering where in the world your goodies are. Once your package makes it to your doorstep and your digital gallery is emailed, our work is done! We hope you'll keep in touch <3

Step 6. Post-production

Step 7. When everything is said and done

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The Coral Compass Experience

What our couples have to say!

Some Love notes

"I highly recommend Jess to anyone looking for a reasonable, down to earth photographer to be part of their big day. Not only are we thrilled with the pictures she took (they came out GREAT and perfectly captured our day), but her organization and professionalism is just what you want around on such a busy day. We had a few major setbacks on our wedding day, and between the crazy weather and an evacuation right before the ceremony, things did not go as planned. Jess was able to go with the flow and jump right in to help us through the chaos which was MUCH appreciated. She was quick to help us adjust our plan, remained calm and still managed to capture all the important shots we wanted for the day. She went above and beyond a photographer's duties, and made sure we were taken care of the whole day. We couldn't have asked for a better person to have with us on our day! "

Kathleen K. | October 2018 Bride | Shelburne, VT

despite the hiccups, their wedding was nothing short of radiant, even if the sun was hanging behind clouds and a mini nor easter all day! Their celebration was overwhelmed with love and joy from all their friends and family, and their day will always be one to remember!

Note from Jess: 

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JJ and Josh were one of the sweetest and most genuine couples I have had the privilege to work with to date, and their love was so inspiring and magical it left me in awe. The way Josh looked at her ... insert an infinite amount of heart eye emojis for them!!

Note from Jess: 

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"Jess was amazing!!!! She made us feel so comfortable and care free. She got all of the shots we wanted and had some awesome suggestions! She is a very talented photographer. Would highly recommend!"

Jordan P. | October 2018 Bride | Essex Jct, VT

this couple has gone through the wringer with their photography experiences, and to say I am over the moon that they trust me with their big day is an understatement. I simply cannot wait for their wedding next October, because I know it's going to leave me speechless!

Note from Jess: 

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"Let me start by saying that I had a terrible experience with our first photographer that ever did photos for us and the second photographer just bailed on us and I made it very clear I was unhappy to thousands of people. Jess wasn’t scared off by that as most people were. She met with us(despite being nervous I’m sure) and we explained the issues we had encountered with previous photographers. We couldn’t wait to just set up a shoot and get our photos back. Well, we just got a couple sneak peeks of our engagement session and I cannot even begin to explain how happy we are with just our teasers!
Jess is so kind and understanding, an absolute pleasure to work with! Coral Compass has very fair prices and does amazing work. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know that is looking for pictures to be done. My wedding is almost a year away and I already cannot wait to see those pictures!
We’re extremely happy with our pick for a photographer and I hope that if you read this you choose Jess and Coral Compass you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!

Derek G. | October 2019 Groom | Newbury, MA

where do I begin? This little family has become so dear to my heart. Madison, Carter and their daughter Riley are the most precious, and their wedding was simply incredible this past July. One of the most down to earth bride's i've had the pleasure to continue knowing outside of their wedding.

Note from Jess: 

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Madison B. | July 2018 Bride | Portsmouth, NH

"Jessica is the most incredible to work with! She runs with your ideas and makes them 10 x better. She is very flexible to work with. Her work is flawless too! I can't wait to hang a canvas version of our wedding photos above our bed! Her effort and care behind getting that [wedding] done was such a refreshing quality to see in the stress of what is wedding planning! My big day! The first day I met Jessica! I felt like I had known her forever! My favorite part about getting ready was how she took the time out to get to know everybody & my wedding party! Once I received all of our images within a week and half, we were so impressed with every aspect of Jessica's work. She is worth every penny! The wedding album is BEAUTIFUL so happy to have this forever! Jessica did a great job with the layout of the album! Jessica, we cannot thank you enough for capturing our big day and allowing us to have such great keepsakes to share with family, friends, and future babies :)

Weddings: our contract states we have up to 8 weeks. I know you might think "wow this is a long time!" However, some photographers take up to 6 months. While we aren't in competition to get you your photos the fastest we can, the reason we state up to 8 weeks is because we sometimes have 3 weddings a weekend, 10 weddings a month and portrait sessions, consults, admin work and many other things in between. We don't want to rush your photos and risk you not loving them, so we would rather take the extra time, if needed, and make sure you are in love with the final product.

Engagements: 1-2 weeks, again depending on our schedule and what we have booked.

You will get a signed copyright release with the final delivery of your photos. However, to be specific, you do not receive every single image we take. Let me explain...
We take hundreds, if not thousands of photos on your wedding day. We only deliver the best of the best, and the ones that match the story of your day. Do you honestly want 5 duplicates of each photo, or poorly timed photos where Aunt Sue sneezed or closed her eyes? I personally wouldn't, so therefore I do not deliver anything that is considered undeliverable or undesirable. We strive to get an over abundance of photos, and will snap away until we can't snap anymore. But, we highly focus on quality over quantity. Trust me, you won't be jipped!!!

What's the turn around time for photos?

Weddings: this depends heavily on the number of hours you have us hired for, and what you have planned. Weddings with 50 or less guests, a small wedding party and no traditions planned for the reception will receive signifacantly less photos than a wedding of 150+ guests, traditions and average to large wedding parties. Once I have a better idea of what your wedding will entail, I can give you a more solid number.

Engagements: each collection offers a set # of photos with options to purchase more.

How many images do we get?

Every collection, handpicked or custom, has the option to have a second photographer added on!! I have spent 95% of my career as a solo wedding photographer, but I have no problem giving you peace of mind and having a 2nd added on. Jaci is my go-to girl, but we have various options in case Jaci is already booked!

Do you work with 2nd photographers?

I offer 3 discounted collections that have been handpicked and designed by yours truly! I wanted to put my professional and personal wants into collections that fit most couples, because I am often faced with the statement "I don't know what I need." For those who do know exactly what they are looking for, we offer fully customizable collections if the ones we designed aren't right for you!! For access to our Price Magazine, please inquire.

What are your rates?

Do we get copyrights to all photos?

Often times, there's at least one thing, big or small, that will cause a hiccup on the big day. It's inevitable. Do you want someone who is going to step back and make you handle the stress? Or do you want someone who is willing to wrangle the family, be your advocate and solve a problem when others turn their heads because "it's not in their job description?" Well, when it comes to weddings, there are many hats some vendors have to wear. Maybe they don't have to, but I myself choose to. I have handled many sticky situations and have had so many thanks from clients by the end of the night that I know me going above and beyond is worth the extra mile. Even if my "job description" doesn't say it, I will. Because every single couple deserves to have that security even when everything seems to be going wrong. Rain, snow, hurricane, blood, tears, no cake, gas leaks, fire trucks, cows loose heading for the highway.... I have seen almost everything! Not to mention, I take pretty nice photos :)

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