I'm a New England girl with a bright personality! I have a distinct voice that comes out when I start seeing the magic during portrait time, and the good news is - I am tall so I can get all the good angles!

I love snow for the holidays but was made to live in Hawaii. I watch The Office on repeat and love me some Judge Judy.  Oh, you feel awkward in front of a camera? Don't worry. Me too!!

If you like breakfast for dinner, good vibes, doggos and a good hype song from the early 2000's... good news. We are off to a good start!!

know one another

let's get to

of things I would love to someday photograph!

bucket list

Popping champagne with the bridal party

Fireworks send off

Confetti poppers during recessional

Wine-wall during cocktail hour

Epic just married dance off

I don't want you to change who you are. I want you to show up as you. Whoever you are, just be you! I want to photograph you in the most authentic way possible!

being you


This is the number one thing my couples confess to me. That they are "awkward." Trust me, you're not! But if you are, don't worry! Cause I am, too!

letting your awkard show


I am all about the details. The more, the merrier! I love hearing the details of your story, but I also love photographing details; rings, stationary, florals... the works,

The details


I want to know more than the bare minimum! You're engaged? Cool! How did it happen?! I love all the juicy details!

Sharing your story


Over the last few years, I have worked meticulously to find couples who resonate with me and what my business stands for. I am a lover of all humans; regardless of race, orientation, gender or religion. I love love, no matter how it shows up. But I truly love those who are carefree, genuine, honest, outgoing, quirky, awkward and loving, too. My job isn't to take your photos and go home. My passion is to serve you and give you an experience that you'll remember when reflecting back on your journey.

Becoming a Coral Compass Couple consists of 4 things.

what makes a Coral Compass Couple


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