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I'm the owner, creator and photographer behind Coral Compass - recently celebrating my SIXTH year anniversary and heading into my 7th season  in this adventure! This business isn't just a business. It's my legacy! I've built Coral Compass off of choosing to show up authentically, and not hiding the real versions of myself. I am a hugger, a lover of all humans, someone who enjoys every type of music and listening to people's stories. I'm not transactional, but instead, I'm rather sentimental. I love fruity smells, have a few tattoos, enjoy aimless drives to nowhere and have recently taken to wine red and purple ombre hair! And, lastly, I'm just a girl who decided to go for it!


Christine started out as a Coral Compass bride and is now officially part of the team! As soon as we started chatting and I learned she was just starting out in photography, I quickly realized how similar the two of us are. It's wild! She's passionate about photography, organized, outgoing, loves crab rangoons, and tattoos. She's a small town girl (que Journey) who lives for the beach, and has two babies (the human & the dog kind)! Christine will be learning first hand from me, and will be my new assistant and dedicated second photographer for various future weddings!


My family

My husband and I met the day he was born.... yup! Our moms were best friends, our older sisters were best friends, and now... we are best friends! We grew apart. He moved to North Carolina, I was still in New Hampshire. After about 10+ years, we reconnected on Facebook and our love story began! To make our long story short... we dated, got engaged and married all in 2016, One of the best years of my life!

Writing a bio about us is... hard. What can I say that isn't extra cheesy? We are ordinary, loud, crazy and full of love. My kids' say the most funniest things, and I've honestly considered writing a book filled with quotes from my two insanely outgoing children. And I can say, with the utmost confidence, there is never a dull moment with us! We love hard, we challenge each other, and if there is one thing that I know... it's that my whole life is in these photographs.

The Casey's

a little bit about


7 years young!

Our little artist

Gentle and loving.
yet fierce and strong

Lover of unicorns, rainbows
and all the pretty dresses!


6 years young!

Keeper of all the snacks

Loud and a burst of energy,
yet sweet and cuddly

Lover of Spiderman
and Star Wars!


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