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I'm a tall brunette with a passion for love stories. I hate scary movies, but find that there will be random days where I'm like "yup, it's a good night to get scared!" I'm a sucker for celebrating the holidays and keeping up with modern home decor trends. Cute mugs and the cheap aisles at Target are my ja-ham!

I've got two ridiculously funny kids who say the wrong things at the wrong times, and are bound to break at least one arm and leg in the near future. They are scared of bugs but have no fear driving their little jeeps over giant rocks and doing wheelies!

getting to know me

I was a whopping two years old when my husband, Kevin (aka KJ) was born. Our moms and older sisters were best friends, so we automatically had that forced relationship from the get-go. Growing up when the moms would hang out, we would hang out, but we never really paid attention to one another. I honestly have no memory of really talking to him at all up until the Facebook era began!!

Fast forward quite a while later, after he and his family had moved North Carolina years prior, we had finally reconnected on Facebook. In the time that we had lost touch, I had my two little babes, Skylar and Zakaree! They are just over a year apart and being their mom has been one of the most thrilling and difficult adventures of my whole life.

Zakaree at just shy of his 1st birthday became very sick. He had a rough babyhood from the get-go, but he was hospitalized at almost a year old and it was hard. I was a single mother, trying to build a future for two tiny humans and myself, and my son was incredibly sick.

After a rough hospital stay with my little man, KJ had reached out simply saying "hey, I'm thinking about you and I'm praying for you guys." I remember this moment vividly, because I had just put the kids down and was making myself pasta for dinner. It was like 9pm and I remember smiling like the most idiotic person in the world!

Long story short, crazy things happen and through the scariest moments in life, amazing things can happen. I fully believe had Zak not been sick, KJ would have never connected with me. Maybe he would have, but it wouldn't have been the same. From that little message on, we never went a day without talking.

I could go on and on about how we fell in love, but to make it short; we dated, got engaged and married all in 2016 and that has been hands down one of the best years of my entire life. Since then, he has adopted both of my children, making my life practically a fairytale in my eyes. Here we are in 2019 about to celebrate our 3rd year of marriage and I have the best, most selfless, partner and fan in the world!!!


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Brooklynn is my assistant and is the biggest, sweetest goofball around!! She is figuring out her niche in the world, and will be accompanying me to various weddings around New England during the 2019 wedding season, learning from me first hand and in action! If she isn't in the office helping me tackle the not so exciting admin work, she can sometimes be found watching The Office. Which is one of the best shows on earth.


"My name is Jaci and I have loved being a photographer from the moment I started! I am energetic and enthusiastic to work with couples to capture their day. When I am not photographing I am out in the mountains hiking, skiing and biking with my family. I have two amazing boys who keep me on my toes and never stop moving!! I am a lover of chick flick movies and chai latte's."

Coral Compass serves a select group of clients who not only understands the importance and value of wedding photographs, but who also wants to share their story with me. I encourage couples to inquire only if they are serious about what we have to offer.


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