Being a momma to Skylar, Zakaree & Charli - and of course, being a wife to my biggest fan, KJ!

The fact that our cat is literally named Ranch Dressing. The shelter we rescued him from gave him that name, and it fits!

Hearing proposal stories & all the hot tea of what you have brewing for your wedding!

Sadly... TikTok.

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A few of my favorite things...

I started this journey as a single mother to two babies, photographing for friends and family. I landed my first wedding off of Craigslist (cringe) and from there, I've worked tirelessly to build a business that serves genuine people who know the priceless value of professional photographs. I left my last semester in college to take Coral Compass full-time and have not looked back since! I met my sweet husband along the way, and we just welcomed our 3rd child in December 2021! Oh, and we survived a pandemic (oof!).

My toxic trait? I have a crazy habit of overshooting. That means I take WAY more photos than necessary (generally out of excitement I hit that button nonstop!) which equals you never having a shortage of beautiful images! OH ... and I use WAY too many exclamation marks!!

I love Traveling, Spring & fall, and popping a sparkling bottle of cheap pineapple wine. I love photographing all the pretty things & genuine moments along the way.

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Robert Munsch

"I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my babies you'll be."

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But things change. People change. And my 18 year old self didn't know what she wanted until I slowly made my way into learning how to use a camera, and started taking photos for my friends and family, which segued into me doing my first wedding... and THAT'S where I found my passion.

At the end of the day I have my husband to thank for always believing in me. I will never forget the afternoon I was on the phone with him before I moved to NC, and I was talking about how much I loved taking photos and being creative, and how it was only a dream to be a photographer for my job. He said "you will do it. I know you will."

And, honey. I'm doin' it! Coral Compass is one of the best adventures of my life and truly, even though I am 8 years into this, we are only at the beginning. I'm so proud of everything that's been accomplished and all the people I have met along the way, and I can't wait to see what's to come!!

It's crazy to think that a cringey Craigslist Ad is what ultimately catapulted my career as a wedding photographer. I remember I left that wedding excited, scared & ready for the next one. Though my business grew gradually and I only worked part-time doing a handful of weddings a year in the beginning, eventually I was met with a big decision and took my wild lil biz FULL-TIME and have not looked back since.

While I would love to write the cliche line of "I knew I wanted to be a photographer the first time I picked up a camera," it's simply not true. I didn't know I wanted this for a career at first. I originally was heavily invested in the medical field and DREAMED of running a hospital, and only took artsy photos for funsies..... 

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