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#TipMeTuesday: learn how to tie the tie

This one may seem like “Jess……… really?”

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to tie a tie on a groom, and I’m still not good at it. This goes for regular ties and bow ties. The first time a groom ever asked me if I knew how, I blurted out laughing. Not because I was making fun of him for not knowing how to tie one, but because I had not even the slightest of clues as to how to tie a tie myself. For obvious reasons…. I don’t wear ties.

Probably 10 solid times trying to tie a tie without someone who actually knows what they are doing stepping in, and I still don’t even do a good job. But, it gets the job done! If you need someone to mediocre-ly tie your tie on on your wedding day, I guess I am the girl to get the job done!!

But in all seriousness, encourage the one to wear it to take a few days throughout the time leading up to the wedding to learn how to properly tie a tie. You want that detail to look good because it will be in the center of their body in every photograph taken on your wedding day. You don’t want a wonkey bowtie, with one side too big and the other too small, to be extremely obvious. And you don’t want to realize you didn’t do a good job after your wedding photos are received.

Because there is no fixing that. I promise!

If all else fails and you just can’t seem to get a hang of the process, buy a clip-on. I’m dead serious! It’s easy… it just clips on. And the best part? You can’t even tell it’s not a real tie. I’ve had several let me in on their secret clip tie and I couldn’t even tell the difference.

But, just in case you’re not a fan of trying to nail down the skill so easily, here is a youtube video on how to tie the tie: