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Anna + Ian

A Mountaintop Elopement at Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, New Hampshire

There’s something really special about these two. I first met Anna and Ian during their engagement shoot in Boston earlier in January of this year, and to all of our surprise, a pandemic started just weeks later. I didn’t know when I said goodbye to them that day that we would be meeting on top of a mountain on their wedding day instead of at a beautiful winery. And as hard of a decision it was for these two to change their plans and push back their big celebrations by a whole year, they have been nothing but incredible sports about it and for that, I am so grateful.

It’s hard not to take everything that has happened this year and dwell on it. No one can blame anyone else… this year has been hard. So many changes and coming to terms with things. But I have to admit, Ian and Anna were two of the most enthusiastic despite the wrench thrown at them. When they wrote to me and said they still wanted to elope this year, and that they wanted to include me, my heart was elated!!! And then when they told me they would be getting married at Cathedral’s Ledge……


Honestly, their day could not have been more perfect. Both the day before and they day after, the weather was terrible. Snowy, cold, rainy. It was a nail biter!! Rain or shine, it would have happened, but we lucked out with clear skies and views.

Atop the mountain it was absolutely breathtaking… the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony. At one point there were a lot of on lookers, but then some of the hikers formed a barrier to keep everyone away so that they could have their ceremony in privacy!! It was so sweet!

Ian and Anna had their immediate family members there, and it was such an incredible way to spend part of my Halloween. So many sweet laughs, hugs and genuine happiness. In that hour, it didn’t matter what else was going on in the world. Two of the sweetest human beings I have ever met came together and started their lives together, and I am just SO thrilled that I got to take part in it.

Thank you both and your sweet families for inviting me to get some portraits of this new start to your new season of life!!! I can’t WAIT to do it all again next Halloween. <3 Enjoy some of my top favorites from your mountaintop ceremony at Cathedral Ledge <3


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