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Noah Turns 1! | Birthday Session

I think it’s safe to say that Tim and Natasha made the cutest little boy!! Oh my word!! This is my first time meeting him but I’ve followed Natasha through her engagement, wedding, pregnancy, birth and the first year of Noah’s life! I feel like I’ve known this little family for ages and that I’ve met this little man a dozen times!! But nope, this was the first of I hope many times getting to see him 🙂

Noah was so much fun. I always prepare myself for kids who may not be too into the idea of having a camera in their face, but he was such a ham!!! He wanted to go go go and was seemingly on the brink of walking. It brought me right back to when my little man was that age not so long ago!!

When his momma brought out the cake I thought for sure he was going to dive right into it, but he was surprisingly cautious! I think he was a little shocked by the whole ordeal (honestly– his first time having cake, the flashing lights, the crazy lady making weird noises at him, AKA me). His curiosity and focus was just the cutest! I literally could have sat taking photos of him all day!!

I’m so incredibly happy to have had the chance to take some quick photos to celebrate not only Noah’s first year of life, but Natasha and Tim’s hard work throughout the year! It’s not always easy trying to figure out this whole parenting thing, but they are rocking it and Noah is one lucky little man to have them as parents!!

Happy Birthday little guy!! I hope you three had the best day ever!


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