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I was recently challenged in my new business journey course to share more of my life and be more than the camera. Which is an exciting idea for me because while I know so much about the couples I work with, it fires me up to share me and my life with those who choose to share theirs with me. So, here goes!

I’d be lying if I said that during each wedding I photograph my mind doesn’t, at several points, drift to my husband. I always wish he could be there with me because I absolutely hate being away from him. When my bride and groom share that special look as I look through the viewfinder of my camera, I always feel butterflies because it reminds me of the special look my husband shares with me. During most first dances I choke up. Because seeing two people so genuinely in love on their wedding day reminds me of the genuine love and adoration I hold for my husband, and how he absolutely loves to dance.

Kevin and I’s older sisters were friends in elementary school, which in turn lead our mom’s to be friends. I was two years old when Kevin was born. So, I guess one could say we have known each other from the get-go. Growing up, I never really paid attention to him though. I knew of him but (and this sounds so sassy) I paid him no mind. We were acquaintances, at best, that only ever interacted when the moms got together.

Fast forward to 2014, after Kevin and his family had been long gone and moved to North Carolina, I found out I was going to be having the biggest surprise of my life! I found out I was having a little girl, and my life from then on changed drastically. I knew I had always wanted a family of my own and I was so incredibly excited to embark on the journey of motherhood. Fast forward again to 4 months after giving birth to my daughter, and I found out I was due with my son in June of 2015. I was scared as heck but I was so incredibly excited that my baby girl was going to have a best friend!!

After having my son, I went through a very dark season of life that was tough to navigate. There were a lot of lost moments where I felt I was living blindly, not sure of the next steps or where to go. But, somehow, one of the hardest and most trialing times of my existence lead me right to my husband.

I remember the night in May 2016 that sparked my interest in Kevin so vividly. My son had just been in and out of the hospital and I had posted on Facebook an update for my family asking for prayers because my little man was going through a bad time. I was cooking spaghetti for myself, the kids were asleep, and I got a message from Kevin saying “hey, I’m praying for you and Zak.”

From there, sporadic conversation turned into every day, every minute, every night conversations. We talked about everything, staying up til all hours of the night. It mostly was about Star Wars and Tom Brady (though he will never admit to that), but occasionally we would talk about our futures and what our goals in life were. It was really like a middle school relationship, all mushy gushy in hindsight. But, I loved it!!

That summer he had a trip scheduled with his Church to serve Montreal, Canada for a few weeks. My now mother-in-law had planned to book me a flight down to NC to surprise him, because he would be getting back from his trip shortly before his birthday. We weren’t dating when the flight had been booked, but by the time the trip rolled around (which was supposed to be a surprise, but I suck at surprises) we were dating and already discussing engagement.

The biggest turning point in our relationship, which was the moment I knew I couldn’t be without him, was when I couldn’t bring myself to get on the plane back to NH and leave him. So, I missed the flight home. I still can’t believe I did that, but I did!! And, being the gentleman that he is, Kevin drove me 800 miles home since I wasn’t ready to leave him yet. We drove from Raleigh, NC back to NH in one night, nonstop, and his poor soul dropped me off and headed right back home.I mean, how lucky am I?!

It was pivotal having that happen. From then on, I knew I needed to be with him. So, by Labor Day weekend that September, I had driven back down to NC where he proposed to me on the beach and we were never apart again. I moved down a few weeks later and we got married in his parents living room with my sister-in-law officiating us!! It wasn’t the wedding I have dreamed about, but it felt so right having it be what it was.

September 25, 2016 was the day me and the kids’ life changed forever. I am so grateful to have a man who loves my flaws, sees my value and knows just how to take the best care of me and the two littles. Not only did I gain a life partner, but my kids gained one of the best role models that God could have given them. The love that pours out of him for the 3 of us brings so much joy to my heart (and tears to my eyes)!! With marriage comes many obstacles regarding the past and the future. But I am the happiest woman knowing Kevin has been, and will be, the one to hold my hand through it all.

There’s a reason why I’m sharing all of this to start with. It’s ultimately a mini-series our life which will lead up to a big announcement on February 6th. I hope this wasn’t too gross to read (haha!) and that it made you think of your honey in the process. I hope to know your story, too!! Ps– excuse the iPhone quality photos!


On our wedding day!
Outer Banks vacation!
Easter 2018!
Halloween 2018!
The “engagement” photo!
Our first Bruins game!
Daddy-daughter date!
Red Sox World Series Parade!

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