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The kids go skiing! (For the first time ever!)

Y’all! My babies went skiing for the very first time!

I could sum up the whole trip to being completely nerve wracking for me. I’m the type of mom who expects the worst, like broken legs or momma falls and throws her back out (which I did fall, but my backs all good!). Two things that, for me, would be disastrous.

But I didn’t let my fear of someone getting hurt stop the kids from having their first of many experiences.

My sister and her other half have been so stoked to bring the kids skiing for the first time. They are skiers themselves. But me? Not so much. I did some backyard snowboarding when I was younger but, I wouldn’t really go out of my way to say I know what I’m doing!!

They each received their first set of ski gear from their aunt and uncle! Orange and black skis for Zak to match his uncle Ryans, and girly pink and blue ones for Sky. The level of excitement radiating off of them leading up to our trip to Gunstock was warming! I love seeing them excited to try new things.

I’d say the trip went pretty well! It was one of the coldest days of the season when we made it to the slopes, so the trip wasn’t long lived. But, I was surprised at how they both jumped into things (with a little hesitation at first, of course)!

There were some mishaps on the magic carpet making it up to the bunny hill, and they didn’t quite get what doing the “pizza” and “fries” meant. But overall their enthusiasm with sliding down the slopes made the entire adventure worth while!! They got 3 runs in each and called it quits since it was frigid. By the time we made it back to the lodge Sky was in complete meltdown mode because she’s like her momma and hates the cold!!

The first trip of many, I hope, for them. It’s bittersweet for me that they are already at the age where they can ski, but it’s heartwarming to see their faces light up at something new. Check out some snaps from the trip!