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Mariah + Chris | Maternity Session

Something I have learned through life is that you meet some incredible people along the way. Mariah was a girl I met after moving to a new school in the 4th grade. We became best friends pretty much instantly in Mr. Martin’s class, and through the years and all the growing up, we’ve always remained friends. She has watched me go through the seasons of life with my two babies, and now I get to see her go through hers, which is something that brings an incredible amount of happiness to my heart.

Something I always make sure to tell people is that when I found out that my first baby was going to be a girl, I knew instantly I wanted to give her middle name after Mariah, because she is one of the most genuine, kind and beautiful girls I know. She is someone that has always showed gentleness and kindness towards me, even when I may not deserve it. And after all this time, I’m glad that I get to still call her one of my absolute best friends!!

Doing these photos for her and Chris, and getting to celebrate baby Julian, is something I will always be grateful for. Looking back through the finished product, I literally am a hot mess trying not to cry everywhere. I am so incredibly happy, excited and overjoyed that they will be welcoming a sweet little boy into the world in only a few short weeks!! The journey of parenthood is challenging, messy, fun, and amazing. If there’s anything I know, it’s that these two will rock every second of it.

Congratulations to these two (almost three!)!!! I hope you enjoy your photos <3


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