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Adoption Day!

Many of you have seen me post that something exciting was happening for my family last week. And after one incredibly long journey, I am finally able to share it with you!

Let me start by saying, I love my best friend so incredibly much. My husband jumped into this journey of raising my two little nuggets with me without question, taking them as his very own without ever blinking an eye. I remember how nervous I was when we first started dating!! He took on 3 of us all at once, and he did it flawlessly.

I remember vividly the day Skylar first called Kevin “daddy.” I was nervous that would scare him away, because we had only just begun dating! I think it was like a month into our relationship and I almost passed out when she said it to him. She pointed to the camera (we had been FaceTiming) and said “daddy!!!” I was so flustered and apologetic because let’s be honest, that’s a big step!!! But, just as naturally as she first called him daddy did he become the father of my two babies without hesitation.

I have been blessed by gaining a life partner who, in many ways, has shown patience throughout some of the most difficult things life could throw at us. I fully believe some of the hardest things to overcome for us have come and gone, and from here we can finally move forward.

Last September, Kevin, by legal standards, became Skylar’s father. And after a much more difficult journey with many more obstacles, on February 6, 2019, Kevin officially adopted Zakaree!!

Adoption day was one of the best days of my life. Walking into that courtroom in front of the most kind hearted judge in the world brought a level of happiness and peace to my heart that is almost indescribable. Hearing the words that finalized the adoption was just as sweet as hearing my son cry for the first time 3 and a half years ago. We were surrounded by friends and family, and if I’m being honest, I was slightly a hot mess with the amount of happy tears I cried that day!! The emotions I felt will always be so vivid, because that day marks the start of something new. My boys finally have one another, and I couldn’t be any more happier than to have the opportunity to finally have my family as a whole after a long time of waiting and hoping.   

I can’t tell you what it means to have a man who has loved my children just as much as I do… to have a man who married a woman in a very unique and hard situation without any questions. He is an amazing role model to all of us, and I can’t wait to see all the things Skylar and Zakaree will learn from him.

Below are some photos from our day of celebrating not only Zakaree’s adoption, but the finalization of our family becoming one and the long road we have taken to get here! To everyone who came to be with us on this special day, thank you!! Your presence was felt and my heart will always be full of the love you showed us that day. Thank you x 1 million <3


Waiting for Judge Moran!
Judge Moran offered us the bench for a photo. She is literally the sweetest and kindest, helping us celebrate this incredible season in our lives!
Some of the most important people came to witness one of the best days in existence for me. Look at my babies and all the love they are getting!!!
Judge Moran gave Zakaree this book at the end of the adoption hearing. I didn’t know she wrote in it until after we were home, which started a whole new wave of tears!!
My boys!!!
A special thank you to my in-laws who flew in from NC for less than 24 hours to be apart of this special celebration. I am so incredibly thankful for them and their support!
Zakaree’s favorite buddy, James, who happened to be in town from TX joined us for Adoption Day!!
Zak being a ham as we waited for lunch!