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Jessica + Jonathan | A Moore State Park Engagement Session During Golden Hour

I am so excited to share this gallery!! I first met Jessica and Jonathan when they scheduled their family portrait session last July during one of the hottest days of the summer!

What Jess didn’t know, was that her sister Amanda (who is actually my cousin’s pretty awesome wife!) was in on a pretty big secret! Amanda had reached out to let me know that Jon was planning to propose to her during their family portrait session that we had scheduled. YOU GUYS!!!! I was SO freaking excited for this… it had been a dream until that point to photograph a proposal and it was going to happen!

When I met up with everyone for the session, Jess literally had zero idea what was about to go down. I could sense Jon was a little nervous, and it was a little hard not to let my excitement give any hint as to what was going to happen.

I wasn’t sure what Jon’s plan was going to be, but I knew I had to be ready. When we posed for a certain photo, he got down on one knee and waited for her to turn around. What’s super amazing about the proposal (besides it being a PROPOSAL!!!!) was that she thought he was messing with her!! It was incredible and one of my favorite moments so far as a photographer!

Jess, it wasn’t a prank girl!! You’re getting married and I AM SO EXCITED TO BE THERE ON YOUR DAY!!!!

We did their engagement session at the same place they got engaged, which only makes sense!! Though storms threatened the entire day off and on, our hour together ended up glowy and perfect! The entire time I was with them, it felt so easy. They were so much fun to walk and talk with… and Jonathan is just so incredibly funny!!! Seeing them go with the flow and let their natural chemistry shine was an amazing thing to witness. And I can’t tell all of you how happy I am to have taken these photos for them!! They have 6 beautiful children at home, and to let them relax and have it be just the two of them was special, and I knew it.

Jon and Jess, I will never stop congratulating you on this journey you’re on, and the big day cannot come fast enough!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session(s) 🙂

xo – Jess

Their Proposal!
Jonathan is hilarious.. I’m telling you!
Their daughter Julie is just SOOOOO CUTE!!!
Celebrating with family and some champagne!
Their engagement!
The glow during this time was unreal!!
This photo right here gives me allllll the feels!
Okay sooooo… I had them slow walking and as I was snapping away having them look at each other and then at me, Jon ran into a low lying branch!! It was pretty hysterical 🙂
No clue why, but this is one of my favorites from their entire gallery!

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