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Bethany + Scott | A Wildflower Inspired Backyard Wedding | Groton, New Hampshire

In the midst of not only my busiest month of the 2019 wedding season, but of my entire career as a photographer, it was nice to join in on a more intimate wedding day. It’s a nice refresher to be able to step back and find the meaning in a much more smaller event, and Bethany and Scott’s wedding day was nothing short of beautiful detail and lots of love! Not only did they marry in front of their very close friends and family, but they also married right at their home, which was incredibly special!!

Their home was so inviting, and they had set up everything so perfectly! From the handpicked and some homegrown wildflowers, to the personalized decor from friends, to the hand built tables, chairs and bar from Scott… everything clearly had so much thought behind it and I loved being able to see all their hard work come into play!!

Though the weather forecast called for rain on their wedding day for pretty much the entire week leading up to Saturday, I somehow lucked out again and there was NO rain for their wedding day portraits!!

I was only with Scott and Bethany for a few short hours, but in that time I learned a lot about the people who were special in their lives. Their friends and family were so sweet, and I honestly was so sad when I had to go! I loved learning the history of their lives, the many years in the making that lead to this day, and appreciated all the little moments as the day moved on.

One of my favorite parts of the day was meeting their little babies, Bambi and Beef. No, they aren’t human babies…. they are GOAT BABIES!!! I am IN LOVE with these little goats!! I knew leading up to the wedding day that Beef and Bambi meant a lot to them, so if you’re scrolling through this gallery and see cute little goats here and there, that’s because they are family!!

Bethany and Scott– thank you both so much for inviting me to spend some time with you on your incredible wedding day!! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your gallery <3

xo – Jess

This little goat baby is Beef!!!
Scott’s mom did an amazing job with these floral arrangements!!!
I included this photo of Bethany’s dad looking out the slider door, because he had to inform us that the kids needed a potty break!! This was after a slight mishap with the music! It was honestly hysterical.. kids gotta go when they gotta go!!
This other little goat is Bambi!
Do y’all see that slight hint of fall in the trees?!
They’ve hiked the mountain that was right behind them!!!
One of my favorites!!!
This door mat is probably the most fitting gift for them!!

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  1. Kim Sharp says:

    Beautiful pictures, just loved them. Thank you