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Sarah + Colin | A Bohemian Chic Inspired Wedding | Bedford Village Inn | Bedford, New Hampshire

Sarah and Colin’s wedding was a dream in so many ways. Mostly because of it’s uniqueness, and the creativeness behind making this day what it was.

For so many reasons, this wedding will go down as one of my most favorite in history. I don’t know if it’s the chemistry and passion that Colin and Sarah share. I don’t know if it’s the detail and how purely different and out of the box it was. I don’t know if it’s the warm welcome from every person I met that day. I can’t pinpoint exactly why this wedding day made my heart beam so much. But what I do know, is that I am in love with the love that these two and their entire group of friends and family share.

The pure love and gravitation that these two have is so magical and unlike anything I have ever seen. Each love story is different and special in it’s own way… but there is just something so unique about what these two share. The literal heart eyes that Colin had for Sarah all day says everything you need to know about them. When I checked in with Colin about an hour before the ceremony, you could see the full emotion of the day all over his face. I think it was nerves… but a great deal of anticipation, and when he told me he had just shared a moment with one of his guys, I just couldn’t help but feel emotional for him. It was that kind of day!

Sarah, I could write a novel about why I adore her. Her creative mind and genuine personality made me feel like I hung out with a sister all day. Her bubbly persona and excitement for the day was completely sobering, and it was nice to enjoy the presence of someone who was whole heartedly trying to soak in every moment of the day. When I asked a few friends and sisters how they would describe Sarah on her wedding day, several agreed that she wasn’t a princess, but rather a Gypsie Queen. And if that isn’t the most accurate description, I don’t know what is!! Sarah was truly a beautiful Gypsie Queen!!

Each part of the day held its own perfect highlight. The ceremony was breathtaking, pure, special, carefree, genuine and true to who Sarah and Colin are as a couple. Sarah’s brother-in-law, Jeffrey, performed one of the best ceremonies I have ever witnessed, complete with humor and raw words of wisdom and love. When the two first joined hands during the ceremony, Colin went in for a kiss and it was the funniest and sweetest thing seeing him having  to resist til the end of the ceremony!!

Though Sarah’s parents couldn’t be here physically to see Colin and Sarah start this new season together, their presence was felt the entire day. It was beautiful to learn Bob and Ny’s significance in her life, beyond being siblings. The heartfelt speech that Bob gave made so many people teary eyed (including myself), and you just know that even if Sarah’s mom and dad aren’t here with us earth side, you know they were there through so many people, loving and embracing them through so many others.

I can still hear the sweet voices. I can still feel the music that was delicately chosen for this special event. The entire day resonates with my soul. Whether it be their creative passions or just the fact they are two really incredible individuals, I just felt so connected and like I was hanging with two old friends. In the words of both Bob and Jeffrey, “When you don’t know what to do. When you don’t know what to say. Just love one another.”

Thank you both for inviting me on this journey with you!!! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your day <3

xo – Jess

This dried flower bouquet was perfect for her!! And these gorgeous earrings are Zil earrings, which is Sarah’s jewelry company!! I LOVE her creative eye and the pieces she makes!!!
“I’d be lost without you.”
The coffee mugs had an outlined drawing of a portrait from their engagement session! My heart almost bursted when I saw them!!!
I am in absolute love with the fact that instead of bouquets, they held lanterns!!!! Obsessed with this unique idea!!!
And these mismatched, yet perfectly matched dresses were amazing!!
Sisters <3
Sarah was made to be a bride!!!!
This was when Colin went in for a kiss, but Jeffrey was like “nuh huh!! Not til the end of the ceremony!”
“Sarah put your hand out… now Colin put your hand on top of hers. Take a good look, cause this will be one of the last times you ever have the upper hand!!!”
The exchange of these vows was so intimate and sweet, and so perfect for them!
Fall peeked in on the day with this one tree, even though it was one of the last warm days of summer!!
This one is probably my favorite!!!
A little bit of Zil and boho goddess!
I’m not entire sure if they took dance lessons, but their first dance was choreographed and I was in loooooveeee!!!

Florist: Westerwisp

Cake/Dessert: Jacques Pastries

DJ/Band: Aaron Denny

Hair: Cristina Sarmiento

Make-up: Shaunna Legatos

Wedding dress: Sottero + Midgley

Bride’s earrings: Zil Jewelry

Bridesmaids dresses: ASOS and Lulus

Bride’s Shoes: Pin Up Couture

Jewelry/Rings: (Brides) Alexis Russell (Grooms) Christina Ann Taylor

Groom’s suit and shoes: Studio Suits, Pin Up Couture

Second Photographer: Elizabeth Holmes w/ Seas Mtns Co.

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