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Thinking about the next 5.

Lately I’ve been thinking… what’s next?

What’s next in line for my business? Where am I headed? What is the next thing that will take me to the next level?⠀

I’ve got my workflow down to a T. I have my style exactly how I want it, and it’s really a dream finally come true. My skillset, though ever evolving, is so strong. I have equipment for days, and my blogging is consistent. My bridal and pricing guides for the new booking season is complete. My new Grooms Guide is in the works!! I am going on round 2 with a full-time field assistant. So… what project do I turn to next?⠀

It’s been weighing on me H A R D. I’ve been thinking about my future, where I want to go, where I want to be, but I’m just so stumped on how to take myself there. I have so many ideas floating in my mind, and they sound REALLY good in theory, but how in the world do I execute one of them?⠀

I think back to where I was just 5 years ago, and how badly I dreamed and craved to be exactly where I am today. I thought that what I am currently was so unreachable. I never imagined that little old me… some plain Jane from New Hampshire,  would make a living doing something I am severely passionate about.⠀

Just 5 years ago, the life I live now, serving beautiful people, gaining friends and being hugged by their families that I only really get to know for one day…. that all seemed so far away. But it’s here. It’s my reality. And I love every single moment I get to spend documenting other couples’ love stories.

If I can see this much growth in the last 5 years…. what’s coming in the next 5?

It’s trippy to think about. If my hopes and dreams from 5 years ago are my reality now, it’s wild to think what my life in 5 years from today will look like. Will I be traveling by plane more? Will I be teaching others just starting their businesses? And if so, in what way? Will I create a whole new side of my business that’s never been done before? Will I still take on 30 weddings a year? More? Less?⠀

The question marks make me lose so much sleep. I get excited. Nervous. Anxious. Ecstatic. Thrilled. Scared. It’s….. a lot. Being a business owner is A L O T. This isn’t something I want to fizzle out… I just want to do more. I want to serve more. I want to give more. But how?

I wish I could see the future. I wish I could just know things. Isn’t that what we all want though? To see what’s going to come for us?

I look around and I see where other people are in my neck of the industry, and it’s so hard not to play the comparison game. Thriving in this industry is one thing. Surviving is another. I feel so fortunate and lucky that nearing my 6th year in business (!!!!), I am thriving in ways I never would have imagined. I’m well above the water and I’m not saying this to brag… I’m saying this because I never ever thought this would happen for me. Some days I sit back and literally feel like I’ve won the lottery!!

I know what I want for myself, and I know what I want for my business. I think this year I really want to hone in on expanding my team. I wear A LOT of hats. Book keeping. Inventory. Packaging. Mailing. Editing. Photo taking (shouldn’t that have been number one?). Blogging. Designing. Just to name a few.

So…. maybe that’s where I start? I start delegating and expanding. Building my business while building other’s up, too. I want to find my partner in crime, and though I wish my husband would join my forces and we could be that “husband and wife team,” … he has skills and knowledge that would go to waste if he were to leave the tech career behind. His employer is so lucky to have him!! And I am also, since he’s technically speaking the Coral Compass tech guy ?

Is this my unofficial job opening blog post?


xo – Jess

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