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Courtney + Nick | A Mountain View Engagement Session | Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

I went back to Sugar Hill y’all!!!

I first experienced this location with incredible views at the end of last year when I shot another #coralcompasscouples engagement session! Visiting the mountains of New Hampshire is a great reminder as to why I love where I am from. It never fails to take my breath away when I drive through the notch and am sandwiched between these massive mountains that are just so beautiful.

I’ve said it before recently, and I will say it again. It’s such a thrill shooting in the same place more than once because the results are never the same. This time around, we had snow instead of warm glowy tall grass to photograph with, and though I am completely over winter… this shoot has my heart set ablaze!!

Meeting with Courtney and Nick was such a great time!! They made a mini-marathon around New England to make the most out of the weekend, and I was impressed to hear that they traveled from Massachusetts to Maine, and then to the mountains of New Hampshire all in the span of 2 and a half days essentially. Talk about dedication to the session!!

The sun was incredibly bright out that day but what I love about snowy winter sessions is how the light reflects off of all the white stuff. It was bright, but the weather was mild and honestly, it was the perfect kind of day!

We used the mountains as a beautiful backdrop, and they both made my hour with them fly by. I love when my couples embrace my personality and trust me completely through the process. After all, you are meeting a stranger, right?

I take great pride in the fact that at the end of almost every session…. the words “that wasn’t so bad! I actually had fun!” or “that wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be!” are spoken. That means I did my job right! I enjoyed making Nick and Courtney laugh, and learning about them as a couple and all the plans they have for their special day next February!

They will be having a snowy session at Harrington Farm and I am SO freaking excited to go back to that venue and serve this outgoing pair!!

Courtney and Nick, I appreciate you making special plans to meet with me during your adventurous weekend, and for going into the deep snow at certain points and trusting that it was worth it!!! I hope you enjoy some of my many favorites from your session!

xo – Jess

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