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Lindsey + Jordan | A Summer Family Session

As I sat here editing these photos, I found myself super choked up at how beautiful this little family is. Lindsey is my husband’s sister, and she and my sister are the reason why he and I ever met!

Lindsey and my older sister, Vicki, were best buds in elementary school, so that is how our families came to meet! And all these years later, I got to join their family officially when I married KJ!! I’ve always loved Lindsey and Jordan, but over the last year or so, I have grown even closer to them. Jordan is freaking hilarious and honestly incredibly wise, and Lindsey is just the most genuine, kind hearted soul I think I have ever met in my entire life.

Having them as my brother and sister has been nothing short of amazing. And gaining McKenna and Scarlett as my nieces has never made me more happy! These four humans mean an incredible amount to me, and seeing how sweet these images are of them literally pulls at my heart strings!!

It’s the greatest feeling that they allowed me to take some family portraits for them. For the longest time, I have dreamed of taking their photos, and that got to be my reality last weekend!! Scarlett is the spunkiest little girl I have ever met, and McKenna is just so smart and so sweet! And Jordan and Lindsey have been two people who have been incredible role models in various aspects in life, especially in my marriage.

Having these four as my family has never felt any sweeter. I’m thankful for the fun, love and laughs they have brought into my life, and I can’t wait to see all the new memories we make over the next many years!!

I love you guys so much!! Enjoy some of my favorites <3

That little thumbs up KILLS me!!!!!

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