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A Beach Engagement Session on Plum Island in Newburyport, Massachusetts

I have been SO so excited to get these portraits of Steve and Jenn up on the blog!! I have found myself doing more beach sessions in 2020 than ever before, and I can’t tell you how much I love how beach portraits come out!!

It’s that time of year where it starts transitioning into colder days pretty quickly, and though we had practically the entire beach to ourselves which is usually best case scenario, we for sure were not expecting it to be as windy as it was! But we found a sand dune bowl and I have got to tell you, being in that bowl with some wind, but not the full force of the winds that day, produced some of my favorite images of all time!!

Steve and Jenn wore beautifully complimenting outfits that consisted of navy and pops of orange. I LOVED Steve’s blazer and shirt which matched Jenn’s dress perfectly, and it gave for a formal vibe that I just really loved. Outfits aside though, these two are a match made in heaven — even if Steve is a Yankee’s fan ?

The way they giggled and held one another was so effortless. Anytime I would ask them to transition from one set to another, it was like they had been in front of my lens a million times before. Steve is PRO at giving heart eyes and nuzzles to his beautiful girl, and Jenn has this amazing laugh that I feel translated throughout the whole session with ease.

I was elated when they brought a bottle of champagne to pop, and even if the wind did splash back some of the champagne onto Steve (don’t worry — there was an outfit change!), it was a great little moment to have had. The whole session was just an incredible time. One of my favorite spots of the whole session aside from the dune bowl (idk if that’s even a thing but we are going with it haha!) was the marshy area that had the puffy white ends that just made for a creamy backdrop.

The sun faded fast that day, but I am just thrilled with their session from start to finish. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to their wedding, even though I have to wait two years to see them again ? One thing I really appreciated hearing was how excited they got by having their portraits done!! It can sometimes feel like a chore to go out and have photos done, but they crushed it!

Steve and Jenn, thank you both SO so much for meeting me on the beach and allowing me to take these for you. I hope you enjoy some of my favs!

PS. For any photographers who want to know where we specifically went, we went to the beach at lot 6, and the nature trail near lot 4.

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