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Our new home mini-tour!

Alright, fam!

Many of you have expressed interest in my new home since we recently moved in. I have worked SO hard to make this place resonate with our style. I love clean, modern feels, and each piece that goes in to my home has to speak to me. Some might say I’m very particular in my home decorating skills, but decor is one of my favorite things ever. I could get lost in a store for hours searching for one piece. Some of the items in our home have taken me weeks to find, others I have collected for a few years waiting to hang up in a more permanent space. I’ve spent hours upon hours searching for certain things and coming up short many times. BUT, my favorite rooms in the house are ready to showcase and I am so excited!

You’ve seen me post a few things here and there on my stories, so some of it may look familiar. I put a poll up a few weeks ago about showcasing my home with or without holiday decor, and the general consensus was to give a tour with our Christmas decor up!!

Not every space in my house is to a point where I am ready to reveal it, but the most completed rooms are! I hope you enjoy each section of my house that I am so proud of: my dining/office space, both kids’ rooms, my living room and laundry rooms are all done! Many many hours and days have gone into each and I am just so thrilled about how they’ve turned out.

When we moved in, ALL the walls were this beige/tan color that made me cringe. Nothing against our landlord who lived here prior to selecting us as the next to live here, but it was not vibing with me whatsoever lol! We are so thankful she allowed us to really make the house our home by adding fresh paint. KJ and I were on the path of becoming homeowners this year when the pandemic really derailed us. We decided that due to the unknown, we would put house buying on the back burner and spend the next few years continuing to save and find the house that is our dream home. Because of this, I spent a good portion of the hottest days of the summer inside this house painting and prepping it for us to move into. 90% of the house I painted myself. KJ helped with some of the office and living room, and I totally ditched him with his office painting 😂

First up we have Zakaree’s room which is Star Wars and Spiderman themed. This is *not* my most favorite part of the house because of the darker colors, but if anyone knows Zak, they know that lighter wood and accents would not have lasted long with his high level of destruction haha! We felt the darker wood would look and last longer. I love the brighter look in rooms. But I let KJ’s input lead this room, so we went with a darker blue/grey paint that matches the color in KJ’s office.

Skylar’s room is by far one of my favorite rooms of the house! She loves pink and all things rainbows & unicorns! I really wanted her room to be bright and airy, with touches of gold here and there. I searched many places for the perfect pieces to go into her room and I am so thrilled with the how everything came together — even though some of her room now includes little lego figurines that drive me nuts 😂 I have to remind myself these are kids rooms and I can’t be so controlling over the aesthetics all the time!!

So here’s the thing about my office situation. Our home has a designated office room in the house, but where KJ and I both work from home, we had to decide who got it. I really really wanted it for myself, but in reality, he needs it more for his job than I do mine. Simply because the nature of his job requires more of a closed off space than mine. So, I set up shop in our decent sized dining room and so our dining room currently duals as an eating space and Coral Compass office space! Our next home MUST have an office space for me too.. but all in good time I suppose 😆

The dining room is one of my favorite spaces in the whole house. I love the natural light that flows in from our sunroom off the slider door. The sunroom is a room I hope to tackle in the new year once spring comes!! I have big visions that includes lots of fake plants (I literally have the hardest time keeping plants alive) and a comfy space to wake up and enjoy the morning sun.

My next favorite space is our living room. This has been a tricky room to decorate for a few reasons. One– we purchased a new couch that was WAY larger than I thought it was going to be. I always severely underestimate the size of things and this couch was a perfect example. That, coupled with the awkward but lovely cutout where our Christmas tree is displayed, it makes it limited of which furniture can go where and make it look like a natural fit and not an awkward placement (if that makes sense). Then, we have these ridiculous wall lights!!! They drive me crazy but I’m hoping to at least swap them out for something cuter if I am to be stuck with them lol. My favorite features in this room is our giant family portrait from Smallwoods and the hexagon shelves where my mini-albums sit. That photo was the centerpiece around the rest of the room essentially and I worked so hard to make sure everything pieced together for that main wall.

I took some photos of some of my Christmas decor, and some of my favorite ornaments on our tree, which includes: a Diet Coke can (great conversation starter), a compass ornament from one of my sweet 2019 couples, a pink camera and the ornament we bought in Arizona this year!

Last but not least, I love my laundry room. I’ve always wanted a room designated for the washer and drier, and KJ was quite shocked when I started picking out laundry room decor!! haha he literally had no idea it was a thing!! It’s not the most extravagent laundry room and definitely not my dream laundry room… but it’s cute, it functions and is better than housing them in your classic creepy New England basement!!

I took this super old New England charmer and made it our own. The kitchen, bathroom (so hideous. I absolutely hate it lol!), our bedroom and the sunroom are going to be projects for 2021. But for now, I hope you enjoy some of these main points of our new home that I have worked so hard on <3

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