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Kaela & Jeff

An Evergreen Inspired Wedding At The Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, New Hampshire

I can’t believe Kaela and Jeff’s beautiful wedding is already being featured on the blog!!! It feels like we were just doing their engagement session last May and then before we knew it, March was staring us down!!

These two have been so incredibly laid back throughout the entire process, when for good reason, they could have been anything but. I knew walking into their wedding day that it would be filled with normalcy and pure happiness and friends, I was right!!

Though their wedding was smack dab in the middle of March, it was not all that wintry and after how long the cold season lasted (or at least it felt like it lasted forever), it was a nice treat that we got sunshine and a bit of warmth on their day!

I walked into the Bedford Village Inn and it felt like a breath of fresh air. I met with Kaela and her girls first and right away, I felt like I was hanging with a bunch of friends. Stepping into the rush of things made me feel right at home!!

Jeff and Kaela had a few fun little twists to their day. One of them being a surprise Jeff had no idea was coming! Jeff’s best friend, Bryan, dressed up in a wedding gown and surprised him when he turned around for their first looking thinking he was about to see his almost-wife for the first time, but instead, Jeff found himself looking at his best friend in a white dress and veil!! I think it’s safe to say he was not really expecting that, and it was a fun little way to loosen up the nerves before the real first look happened.

Another little twist to the day, which is probably my favorite part, was the fact that they asked Jeff’s Gram to be the flower girl!! And let me tell you all… Gram SLAYED the day in her gorgeous green dress, high heel shoes and then when the dance floor opened up, Gram was up there killin’ it!!

All in all, their evergreen inspired wedding day was perfect and I can’t think of one thing that could have gone any better. The only thing missing was their sweet pups, Maverick and Rusty, though they were there in cocktail-style! 😁

Jeff and Kaela, thank you for having me be the one to photograph your wedding day!! It was absolutely perfect, and I truly hope you and your sweet friends and family can enjoy some of my favorites from your gallery! ❤️

xo – Jess

Florist: Jessica Trubacz with The Orchid’s Eye

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