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Taylor & Cornal

A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Cobb Hill Estate in Harrisville, New Hampshire

Cornal and Taylor are married!!!!

Their fall wedding was an absolute blast and was literally right in the peak of autumn and the session was just so perfect. One thing I really love about Taylor is her incredible energy and her all around glow of happiness that she radiates every single time I talk to her. When I walked in and saw her she was beaming, and it felt like I was right at home hanging with them all day long.

I had never been to Cobb Hill Estate before, but it was incredible. The views were amazing — the ceremony and tent overlooked the mountains of southern NH, and the foliage was hitting just right.

The day flew by. One minute we were getting Tay in her dress and I was meeting with Cornal for some group shots, and the next thing I knew night had fallen and everyone was dancing away on the dance floor. Their sweet little pup, Breezy, was a the star of the show in a lot of ways (she literally is so adorable), but nothing can compare to the INCREDIBLE GLOW we got RIGHT as the ceremony ended and we were doing portraits. The sun literally peeped through the clouds just long enough for me to get through Tay and Cornal’s couple’s portraits and oooooh my gosh my lil heart was singin’!!!

ALSO — quick shout out to their teenage niece who SLAYED the day making their wedding cake!! That girl is so talented, and I enjoyed watching her get to cut the cake she made with the bride and groom!!

Thank you both (and your amazing families!!!) for having me hang with you on your wedding day!! It was so beautiful and if I could go back and do it all over again with you two, I would in a heartbeat.

Enjoy my top favs from your day!!!

xo – Jess

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  1. Sharika says:

    Ohhhhh my freakin’ gosh! I almost cried at the wedding during the first dance, but I DEFINITELY IN MY CAR AFTER WORK today looking at these pictures that captured the exact perfect sentiments of what went on that day and evening in New Hampshire!!! Jess your talent is breathtaking taking and Cornal and Taylor your love leaves me ABSOLUTELY speechless…it’s because of you guys I still have hope in true love!!! Love, your big sister Sharika💕💕💕..I’m so proud of you both I’ll go privately and cry now…tears of joy and that my baby brother is all grown up‼️❤️