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A Late Fall Engagement Session at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, Massachusetts

It feels like this session was a long time coming, since I’ve known Tess and Emily for over a year now thanks to my good friends Eddy and Dot whose wedding journey I also got to photograph, and where I originally met these two!! And gosh was it such a treat being able to hang out with them again!!!

They both wanted a location a little more unique, and I stumbled upon Winnekenni Castle about a week or so before when I saw a fellow photographer share work from there. So when I sent my list of location suggestions,  I was secretly hoping they would pick there and was STOKED when they said “hey, I like that castle!”

When they arrived, I was met with immediate good energy, and my time with them was literally so incredible. Their wedding plans…. y’all. Their wedding plans are sooooo amazing and though I can picture each piece in my head, I am DYING to see how everything is going to come together!! Not only are they having specific unique elements to their day, they are hosting their event at a beautiful museum in MA which is outside of the normal barns I find myself often venturing to for weddings. And… you know I’ve met the couple lotto when they email and say “oh you’ll love this venue because of all the amazing opportunities it offers!!” Like, what?!

Emily and Tess are just so much fun and I thoroughly feel like I have known them for much longer than I have. We danced, we laughed, we talked, they kissed… an awesome evening well spent. And I can’t WAIT for their wedding next October!!!

Friends, I hope you had just as much fun at your session as I did!!! Here are some of my top favs, but I will be sending your final gallery real soon!!! ❤️

xo – Jess

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