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2021 Year-In-Review!

It almost feels a little unreal that I am already posting this!! Even if it is already the end of January. Life has been so crazy the last few weeks as we have adjusted to being a family of FIVE… but today I have found some time to finally sit down and showcase 3 of my favorite photos from each of my 2021 weddings!!

Some notable takeaways about my 7th Wedding Season:

  1. We were still in a pandemic but we got to have weddings and I am so beyond thankful! While the beginning of the year was still a little dicey, most of my scheduled weddings occurred within each states guidelines and I am so thankful that most of my couples got to have their celebrations as scheduled!
  2. This was my first full-time wedding season pregnant!!! I was bound and determined to not miss a single wedding and I am SO proud and thankful to report that we did it! I gave birth 20 days after my last wedding in December. And looking back, it will always be one of my greatest victories as a wedding photographer!
  3. I PHOTOGRAPHED A DOUBLE WEDDING!!! This was a huge and somewhat intimidating task but it honestly was one of the easiest weddings of the entire year! Being able to celebrate two of my couples at one time was so cool. I think this will be a one off career event but I am SO proud of how The Briand Double Wedding was executed and I would honestly do it again if presented the opportunity!
  4. The most intense weekend of my career travel-wise was the double-header I had the last weekend in June! I had a wedding in Connecticut on Saturday, followed by a wedding in Bar Harbor, ME on Sunday. Which for those who don’t know those locations… they are 383 miles apart! They were both originally local weddings but within a week of one another, both of my couples cancelled their bigger plans and planned for smaller events in those locations which was so funny how it happened! The travel was honestly not that bad, and I got A LOT of my favorite podcasts in that weekend! Though I did pull my back out but it wasn’t til the end of my wedding on Sunday!
  5. I met some really amazing vendors this year — from planners, videographer teams, florists and some really cool venues… it truly was a treat to be able to work cohesively with some great people this year who all had the same goal of serving our couples the best we know how!

I honestly believe 2021 will be marked as one of the best seasons of my career, but I am ready to top it in 2022!! So many incredible couples of mine are lined up and I CANNOT WAIT!!! But for now, enjoy a highlight look-back at my 2021 weddings ❤️

xo – Jess

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