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Charli Drew | Month Four

Another month with Charli Drew, and oh, it just keeps getting sweeter!!!

We are on the brink of exploring baby foods and she’s so much more interactive. She LOVES playing with her crinkle book, and watching her use her hands to grab the things she’s interested in is so fascinating to me. I missed these moments. I forgot how fun this all is. She is so magical. She smiles big when I walk in the room, and I can get some of the biggest giggles out of her. I think KJ might be a little jealous 😘

All in all it’s been a wonderful month with our sweet girl. She had a little setback in her sleeping routine which I thought was us walking into the 4 month sleep regression. We used to be able to do our nighttime routine and set her down in her crib and she would not make a fuss until she fell asleep. And then suddenly out of the blue, she started freaking out once we put her in her crib. So for a week there it was a little off, but we are right back into the swing of things and she generally only wakes once for mumma and dada and sleeps solid outside of that!!

Naptimes are a work in progress! I’m still very much enjoying the copious amounts of snuggles I get. We are weaning from holding her during naptime for every nap to putting her in her crib for naps. So far, it’s been a slow transition. We get about one quick nap halfway through the morning which is a good start!!

I also am seeing how much she’s starting to look SO much like Skylar when she was a baby and it makes my heart sing!!!!

Outside of that, some of the fun things we’ve done this month are;

  • I turned 28! I’m feeling anxious as my 30th birthday draws nearer and nearer, but each year just keeps getting better and better so I cannot complain. Last year on my birthday I wished so hard for another baby, and my wish came true!!!
  • Charli girl celebrated her first Easter & got her first delivery from the Easter Bunny. It was a lot of fun setting that up for the kids!
  • Momma took her first big work trip and is gearing up for wedding season! I’m SO ready to jump back into work but am anxious about the days away from my sweet babe.
  • Charli just had her first date day with her Auntie Rachael while mom & dad took the big kids to Great Wolfe to kick off Spring Break!!

I am just so in love with my life. I cannot express how much fun I am having being a mom of three. As each month rolls on I just feel so happy. I’m grieving those newborn days already but I am looking forward to all the fun we have coming up during summer!!!

Here are all my favorite photos from the last month 🙂

x0 – Jess

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