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Allie & Tyler

A Fall Wedding at The Barn on the Pemi in Plymouth, New Hampshire

I have been saving this wedding. I’ve had it in my pocket and I’ve been waiting til now to share it! As I head into my 8th wedding season and my first wedding of the official season just two weeks away, I wanted to share my favorite wedding from 2021. Because this wedding was one I not only helped photograph, but I also was a bridesmaid in. And because it was the wedding my best friend married her person.

Going back through her wedding day has hit me in the gut hard. Tearing up as I relive these moments of theirs, it’s like I’m right back on that fall day, blubbering like a baby as I got ready to watch my bestie walk down the aisle from the front of the crowd. I generally stand up in front of people, but it’s usually not for this reason. While I did indeed insist on taking photos of parts of Allie and Tyler’s day (cause ya know, I’m a control freak when it comes to photos 😜), I am wholeheartedly glad I was asked to stand beside them as they read their vows to one another.

Being able to blog this and take part of their wedding in such big ways makes me feel so happy. I watched Tyler and Allie work so hard to make this day happen, and to see these lifelong products of that hard word will always be so special. Allie and I have been friends since freshman year in high school, which was oh I don’t know… 13 years ago now? Doesn’t sound like all that long ago I’m sure but for us, a whole lot of life has happened since then.

I’ve watched her fall in love. I’ve watched her become a mom. I’ve watched her go through hardships. I’ve watched her enjoy life to the fullest. We drifted for a minute but found our way back again. And I got the ultimate gift of watching her marry Tyler.

I’m starting to cry a little too much as I write this out. Something I knew would happen. And I just cannot express how genuinely happy I will always be that I got to be the one help capture and deliver these memories for them.

Tyler and Allie, I love you both with all my heart. And that sweet angel baby of yours. Sweet sweet Addie! I know your wedding was months ago now, but I hope you enjoy reliving these moments.


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