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Katie & Russ

A Glowy Spring Engagement Session at Maple Hill Gardens in Hollis, New Hampshire

Everything about this session I love. We had the high sun glow, and the fading sun glow, and I don’t know which one I loved more!!

Meeting with Russ and Katie (and Obi & their awesome, helpful friend Tim!), it all was so effortless. I hugged Katie and it felt like I was saying hey to an old friend I haven’t seen in a while. I was half expecting her sweet mom, Jenna, to pop out of the car and say “surprise!” since I originally spoke with Jenna & Katie when they were on the hunt for a photographer. Her mom is a gem!

Russ and Katie nailed their session. And the way I caught Russ looking at his girl a few times had my little heart in a puddle. They brought their sweet boy, Obi, with them and I LOOOOOOVEEEE that pupper!!! Oh my gosh, what a sweet doggo with the coolest Star Wars themed name!

Though it was hot and a lil buggy and I promised we would move a little fast so we weren’t all dying of heat, somehow two whole hours flew by and I was shocked at how fast time moved that evening!! I could have gone on forever taking their portraits but at some point the fun has to stop. But let me tell you — I cannot WAIT for their wedding next June!! With Katie’s attention to detail I can only envision how perfectly everything will come together.

Russ and Katie, I hope you both enjoyed yourselves as we made some of my most favorite glowy magic happen! Here are some more of my favorites — final gallery coming soon!

xo – Jess

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