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A Campus Engagement Session at Bridgewater State University

What better way to reminisce on the beginning of your love story than to book your engagement session where it all began?

We had to push back our session by a day because naturally, the only thunderstorms seemingly the whole season rolled in the time we were supposed to have our session. But I am glad we pushed it back because the session, though absolutely hot, was perfect and the glow we had was beautiful!!

Caitlin and Joe gave me a tour of campus where I saw ALL the things. We walked past each building that seemingly had memories behind it, and it was so fun not only hearing these stories, but being in the same place they happened and really putting myself there with them. Woodward Hall was where they first saw one another. In the basement… Caitlin was working on a writing piece, and Joe was there with another friend. Caitlin, as she put it herself, couldn’t help but interject into their conversation (the way she said it was hilarious!), and from there, well… the rest is history!

They showed me the “toilet bowl” which I found hilarious! We passed the cafe where Joe got locked in, not realizing they had shuttered up for the night. Caitlin shared the most sweetest story ever of how her grandparents met… which started with a snowball and a determined woman who saw a man she thought was cute on a bus in Boston. They actually purchased her grandparents home and Joe, in the most creative monopoly game ever, proposed to her there and it’s probably the most thoughtful proposal I’ve ever heard of. BSU is a big deal for their families, and I LOVE that they chose this location to play another piece to their love story.

Joe and Caitlin… thank you SO MUCH for showing me around campus!! It was gorgeous, it was so fun watching as an outsider you both relive some of those moments in time. And if you ever get some people together and want to play a round of humans vs. zombies…. count me in! 😂

Enjoy some of my favs ❤️

xo – Jess

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