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A Dreamy Late Summer Engagement Session at Plum Island in Newburyport, Massachusetts

I. AM. FREAKING OUT. OVER THESE IMAGES!!! Okay, okay. So, it’s no secret beach sessions just hit a lil bit different. But these!!!!! The glow, the post sunset sky that looked so dreamy and like cotton candy… it was unreal.

Mary, Colby and I were supposed to get together in July but if you follow along, you know that it was one thing after another for me that month so we postponed a few weeks and I am lowkey glad we did because I don’t know if we would have gotten the same images!!! The sunset time was a bit earlier than it was in July, which I think played into how the dreamy effect in these photos came about.

Colby and Mary are so sweet and it’s always so nerve wracking getting in front of the camera but these two crushed it! And how absolutely freaking cute it was that they picked out sand dollars and beautiful shells specifically for the ring shot?! I felt a little spoiled leaving this session 😍

I had the best time and though the seasons are about to change, I am incredibly happy I get to have these images to look back on when I start craving the warm weather this winter!!

Thank you two so much for making the trek back out to Plum Island for your engagement photos!! I know it wasn’t ideal but I am so beyond happy we got that reschedule in. You two are awesome!!! Full gallery coming real soon ❤️

xo – Jess

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