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Katie & Kirsten

A Travel Inspired Fall Wedding Day at the River Winds Farm & Estate in Saco, Maine

There’s so much I could say about Kirsten and Katie. I see a lot of love. I hear many stories about how two people meet and fall in love. But there’s something a little extra wonderful about how these two met and the adventures they have been on.

Adventurous. Something I think most of us try to be in life. And these two have been on some of the most marvelous adventures, both together and separately. I met these two for the first time when I took their engagement photos last year. At the time of taking their photos, I wasn’t really able to share them because being where they were living in another country, it was dangerous for anyone to know they were in a relationship. So to prevent any harm, I strategically shared photos from their session. But I remember feeling a little heartbroken that I had to kind of hide them to a degree. I instantly loved these two and what I do is showcase love for a living. So to give them images that they really couldn’t show off was different for me. But it also reminded me that what I do isn’t for the world to see. It’s to create moments in time and memories for the people who hired me, and that’s exactly what I did. Their photos in Salem, MA was only a blip on the map compared to the many places they have been around the world, and I am so beyond thankful I got to be the one to take part in just a fraction of their story!

Georgia, United Arab Emirites, Tanzania, Uganda, Qatar and Vietnam. These are all places that play big parts in their journey together so far. They listed these places, one at each table, with a paragraph about the meaning of each location and all I can say is I am incredibly inspired, and it makes me look forward to all the traveling my husband and I plan to do some day. The things they have experienced just seem so profound to someone who has never left the states. I am so humbled to know people who love the adventurous things in life, have enjoyed so many wonderful experiences and have one another to lean on the whole way. They truly are just so inspirng to me!!!

On top of meeting one another, I also got to see all the friends they have met along the way. Their friends and family with so many various stories of how they all met and knew one another. There was an exhibit of Katie and her awesomeness which was just so hysterical, and toasts by each of their parents that spoke volumes to how much they are loved. Their ceremony consisted of tasting various elements which was so unique and memorable. There were so many happy tears shed throughout the day and like I said… I have so much I could say.

Katie and Kirsten – thank you so very much for having me along for this adventure with you. Seeing how much you two love one another and those around you really reminds me that I love what I do, and I don’t take that for granted. Your day was perfect and I absolutely cannot wait to see you two and Orion again in the Netherlands some day… OH WAIT. I mean Nova Scotia 😉

xo – Jess

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Vendor team:

Venue: River Winds Farm & Estate

Cake/Dessert: Wildflour Bakery

DJ: Mark Tigano

Hair: Deb Johnson (Hair) @debjohnson.beauty_ on instgram

Makeup: Gemma Dyer @gemmaxglam on instagram

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