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BIG Coral Compass Announcement

“Once you have been touched by magic, you are forever changed. You leave a trail.”
― Michael Scott

Well, folks. One thing I have learned after starting a business is you never really know what to expect as each year comes. I started this business as a VERY part time gig, only dreaming I would one day see the success it has seen. I went from a part time photographer to full time wedding photographer in 2017, diving head first into the wedding world with full force and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. I have always said I never knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer until the first time I photographed one on 10/24/14 — and as I poured my heart and soul into creating this magical little gem of mine, fostering relationships with couples, their families and vendors across New England & other parts of the US… it grew into something I have been insanely proud of. Beyond anything I could have imagined.

My fellow business owners can attest that running something like this is not for the faint of hearts. It’s challenging, stressful, and sometimes messy while also giving you the warmest happy tears. It’s fun, tiring, a rush and a type of thrill I can’t quite express accurately sometimes. The wedding industry is something I am so honored to be part of, and while I am sad about the closing of this chapter of business for me, I am also insanely proud of what’s coming next. I will be scaling my business from full time to part time come 2025 as I re-enter the medical world! I will no longer be booking new wedding dates and will be focusing on only booking portrait sessions now and in the future. So if you’re asking yourself, “is Jess disappearing? Do I still have a family photographer?” The answer is no, and yes. Let me explain.

No, I am not disappearing. I am just shifting. I have cultivated so many amazing relationships and have been specifically hired by couples with the long term goal of having me be there for more of their life’s most precious moments. I promised them I would be there for those milestones, too. And I mean it! Portrait sessions bring an easier level of creativity that doesn’t require me to sacrifice family time for weeks on end, and that is a big motivating factor in this decision.

The thing about being a wedding photographer is that while I am there, celebrating you, helping with your veil, pinning your boutonnière, watching your parents cry the happiest tears as they watch you share your first dance… my kids are at home missing out on their time off with me. As my kids are getting older and surprisingly it’s getting harder. Weekends take me away a lot. And even when I have days off, I am never truly “off.” I have a well oiled wedding machine but it is at the expense of losing time with my kids. My husband. Being present and truly enjoying the things we have planned because my mind is always on my inbox, responding promptly and gallery deadlines.

In a lot of ways while I have thrived having a wedding business, I feel I have failed as a mother and wife in others. The sacrifices my family has made for me… I will always be so thankful for them letting me live my dream as a full time photographer, cheering me on, writing little “have a good wedding mommy!” notes in my cooler and helping me charge up my gear.

It’s been fun! It really has been. But as my 30th birthday approaches me I have had to do a lot of reflecting, deep diving, ask myself hard questions about the future and see what it looks like 5, 10, even 15 years from now. For me, weddings don’t fit my long term vision.  I will still be actively second shooting for my favs when they need me, but I will no longer be a lead wedding photographer (minus one smaller event I have booked in 2025!). I won’t be disappearing at all. Just running my business in a lighter, less wedding-y way.

To my past couples… thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazingly wonderful, bearing with the craziness that comes with the unknown on your wedding day, trusting me to represent you and give you life long memories and loving me for ME. The tall, loud, upbeat lady who could. To my upcoming 2024 couples… this will be the season to remember! I can’t wait to cherish your moments with you, help you with your veil, pin the boutonnière and watch your proud parents cry happy tears as they watch you share your first dance.

To everyone who has ever hired me and wants to utilize me for anything non-wedding related… well, I am still your girl!!! Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me ❤️ I look forward to all the magic to come. And if anyone will need a wedding photographer in the future, please know I have some friends I would be honored to recommend!

To my upcoming couples… again, I cannot wait to celebrate you. Your responses to this news has been so kind, warm and beautiful. I can’t say thank you enough. While y’all will be vowing to one another on your wedding day, I will be vowing to still say “yes queeeeeeen” one too many times as you have the time of your lives!!!

Soooooo. what have I been up to lately during the off-season? Well, I have been working on some creative projects and revamping my website to be geared more for portrait sessions than weddings (which is CRAZY weird btw). I have been creating new content for studio sessions, as I hope to offer that as a solid option and showcase what those types of sessions can look like! Currently, I have re-entered the medical world as a patient care representative per diem as I sit for my exams to reinstate my LNA license (hopefully next month!!) and decide if I want to explore becoming a Surgical Technician, or if I want to, after all this time, after being accepted into a nursing program and not being able to afford to go, after starting my family very young… FINALLY go to Nursing School!!! Lots of exciting things for me and I am too looking forward to this new adventure in my 30’s!!

Thank you x a bazillion, everyone. I am so excited to carry out my 10th and final wedding season!!!!


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  1. Lori Briand says:

    You deserve to do what is good for you and your family!! Can totally understand being away from your kids so much must be so difficult!! You’re an amazing photographer and so nice to work with!! Good luck in all you do!! I’m sure we will see you again for some family pictures!! 💜
    The Briand Family