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This or That: Travel

Hey y’all!

So, I’m starting a little series of blog posts to A) keep myself accountable for blogging, and for B) to let you guys in on me and my life, and how I’m shockingly just as normal as you are! Wedding photographers aren’t all business, as much as we have to be sometimes. We are normal people just like you, who would sometimes rather eat pizza instead of pasta, or wear leggings instead of jeans (guilty on both accounts).

I thought it would be a fun way for those who follow me and my work to get to know me beyond the camera, so I decided to start a little “This or That” series on Thursday’s to let you guys know more about me!! This won’t be a ridiculously long series of posts, but will be something I can share on Thursday’s for a little while 🙂

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City or Nature // I choose city, and here’s why. Some people think it’s hilarious that I have a crazy fear of ticks, but it’s so true. I can’t tell you when this fear started, but you guyssss. I am SO afraid of ticks!!! The first time my daughter had one on her, I will admit I had to call my mother to come home from the grocery store to get it off of her. #ParentingFail. So, as much as I love nature’s beauty, if I had the choice, I would hit the city in a hot minute to avoid any ticks!! (yes yes I know, they an be in the city too)

AIRBNB or Hotel // I’ve never stayed in an AIRBNB and know not a thing about it. But, what I can say is that I love hotel hangs. Anytime I have to travel and stay in a hotel, it’s like a mini vacation for me. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel like I’m living a life of luxury!! Lol

Plane or Train // I’ve never been on a train I don’t think. Not that I really remember. I enjoy traveling and hope to travel a lot more across country for weddings as my career moves on. So, for this I’ll have to pick plane!

Art or History // So, one would think I would pick art. But for this I don’t really know! Are we talking, like, art from the 1800’s or wedding photography art? Cause the obvious answer would be photography art, but I also am weirdly into history. I often think “man, I should have paid attention in history class cause I actually find this fascinating.” Am I the only one?? Also, how does this relate to travel??

Adventure or Relax // I will be 100% honest. I always say I am up for an adventure, but somewhere along the lines I have become a mega homebody and always want to relax and be near home. Adventure could mean a few things, though. Like……… an adventure to Target is right up my alley. An adventure up a mountain is not (refer to previous text regarding how much I hate ticks).

Beach or Mountains // Mountains are pretty, but again, <<<ticks>>>. So, you’ll never find me willingly hiking one. Beach — are we talking beach like the ocean, or beach as in the lake? I’m not a giant fan of lakes unless I’m going tubing/boating. (Side note: Some of my favorite FailArmy videos are the lake/boating ones. So funny!!!) But the ocean is quite relaxing and I always enjoy going, even if it’s almost always over crowded! One of the prettiest beaches I have ever been to was Huntington Beach in California. I hope to make a trip back to the west coast in the near future!!

Group or Alone // I like being in groups, but I could be alone, too! I don’t mind going on a lunch date with myself (I know, I’m super lame and awkward) but when you’re a mom, sometimes you need that peace and quiet and the best way to do that is hit a table for 1 at Panera. Cheddar broccoli bread bowl please.

Plan It or Wing It // Planning. I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore planner, but I feel my life is in better order when I plan things!! And honestly, sometimes just winging it gives me anxiety. Anyone else?

Backpack or Suitcase // I like the convenience of a backpack, but I’m a girl and overpack my life so I’d probably need a suitcase. Going on a 2 day trip? Better pack 7 days worth of clothing!!! I will say this… if you catch me out in public, there’s a solid chance you’ll see my sons Paw Patrol backpack slung over my shoulder. #PupPupBoogie

Resort or Cruise // Sooooo I’ve never been on either!! I have always wanted to take a cruise though, so if I had to choose which one I would go on first, I’d have to say that. Although, I saw on the news that that cruise ship was stranded out at sea and they had to be rescued!!! Isn’t that wild?! I’m not even joking, the one time I would go on a cruise that would probs happen to me. No joke!!

Sightseeing or Shopping // Shopping is super therapeutic for me. Not like, grocery shopping. But Target, Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s, TJ MAXX…. I could get lost for days!!

Party Trip or Romantic Trip // At this juncture in my life, I think maybe I’d have to go with a romantic trip. My husband and I haven’t even had a honeymoon yet, so I think that’s first on the list!

Tourist Spots or Hidden Gems // I’ll have to go with hidden gems for this one. I recently saw a post on Facebook of these abandoned places around the world… I would LOVE to go see some of those. Especially if they are considered haunted!! I love spooky stuff, even though I hate being scared. Does that make sense? No? Okkkkk.

Sooooo, if you’re thinking that half my answers are based on every day things and not necessarily traveling (out of the country or across.. either one), that’s because I hardly travel anywhere outside the state I live in, unless it’s for weddings.

I hope you enjoyed my ridiculous answers!!

xo – Jess

(travel photo is a stock photo from Pexels. I am not the owner of that photo!)

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