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This or That: Get to know me

I’ve been seriously looking forward to posting another This or That Thursday post! I got so many messages about how relatable my answers were, which honestly made me feel so good. So, without further wait, here’s this weeks #ThisorThat!!

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City // Beach – I answered these two separately last week, and opted for both these answers ironically enough! But if I had to choose between the two, I probably at this point in the year, go with beach. Both are overcrowded which can cause me a bit of anxiety if I’m in a place I don’t really know. But, with summer so close in reach, I have to go with the beach!!

Sweet // Savory – I have a mega sweet tooth. Mostly for anything chocolatey! Dark chocolate, white chocolate, hershey’s chocolate…. You name it I most likely love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some savory goodness. But nothing will beat sweet indulgences in my opinion.

Cat // Dog – ooooooookayyyyy. This one isn’t one I can pick sides on. I love all animals (except birds… birds freak me out). I love me a fat cat, but I also love me a cute dog. People who can choose one over the other… how??

Adventure // Comfort – In my whopping old age of 25, I’ve become a homebody. I said in last weeks blog that I’m up for adventure on occasion. Mostly adventures that include me hitting the decor section at one of my favorite stores. But, if I had to choose, I love the comfort of being close to home way more.

Books // Movies – So, I’m sure this comes to no surprise since I’m a mush over weddings and all things lovey dovey. But, I enjoy me a nice romance novel. I KNOWWWWW. So lame. But, it’s true. I can’t get into books like Stephen King novels or anything of the like. Give me a Nicholas Sparks book for a good sappy cry. BUT, between the two, I’m all for a good comedy or action movie, tough I will watch almost anything that doesn’t include outer space. I hate space movies. I have no clue why.

Nights In // Nights Out – I love a nice night out everyone once in a while, but again. I’m a mom to two toddlers. I’m exhausted 99% of the time and love to chill at home. So, I’d prefer a nice night in.

Summer // Winter – SUMMERRRRRRRR!! I’ve never ever been a fan of winter. I like winter for about 5 seconds for Christmas morning. After that, the snow and cold weather is nothing but dreadful for me. The season is so long and dreary, and although taking portraits in the snow can make for some killer shots, no one really wants to be out in the cutting cold winds and subzero temperatures for photos for more than a few minutes. Summer all around just has the best vibes. Warm days by the water, hanging out with family by the bonfire, warm and glowy portrait sessions. Summer is everything!!

Tea // Coffee – Although I don’t really care for coffee the way some might drink it religiously, I do enjoy an iced mocha from dunks. That is literally the only coffee product I will drink. Kevin drinks hot black coffee, and I can’t even comprehend how!! To me, that sounds like the most horrible thing in the world. But, to each their own!

Early Bird // Night Owl – If there’s one thing my couples may know about me right out the gate, it’s that I’m a severe night owl. I am literally up til 3am almost every night (I blame my exhaustion on my two wild children, but really it’s my insomnia). If you get a reply to an email past midnight, don’t hate me!! Nighttime is actually when I am the most productive for some reason. I try so hard to get stuff done during the day, but I often times find myself distracted… by my kids MMA fighting in the living room, or by a pillow being hucked at my head, or by my son climbing on me asking for a juicebox for the 495th time.

Pizza // Pasta – This one is a little tough. I love me some chicken alfredo and spaghetti and meatballs. But when it comes down to it, I gotta go with pizza. I’m not a fan of store bought pizza, but I love Sal’s and Brookside (more out of convenience of it being local). Extra cheesy and yes…. I’m that person who likes pineapple on her pizza. Please don’t let that be the deciding factor as to why you hire me or not!!!! Haha

Europe // Asia – I’ve got to go with Europe on this one, a little easily! Italy runs in my blood, and I’ve always wanted to explore my italian roots. I hope to someday tour Europe, maybe even do a wedding over there!! Who said I can’t dream big?!

Spring // Autumn – This one’s tough. Really tough, actually. But, I think I’m going to vote spring here. Spring is the start of a brand new year for me. Once the cold weather moves out, it’s like my year can actually begin. Work wise and personally. I feel so much happier when spring rolls around. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall as much as the next person. But it also symbolizes the coming of winter and fall doesn’t last nearly as long as spring in my opinion.

Breakfast // Dinner – BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!!! Am I the only person who loves this?! I will go out of my way for pancakes and hash browns at any point of the day, but I especially love breakfast foods for dinner. I could care less about breakfast in the morning… honestly I rarely eat in the morning (I know, I know. It’s the most important meal of that). But breakfast at dinner time is the best thing in my opinion. The Red Arrow Diner does it for me. If you’re ever in New Hampshire, make a stop in Concord or Manchester. You won’t be disappointed!!

xo – Jess

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