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Timmy + Corinne | Family Session

My brother and his little family made their way up to New Hampshire from their home in North Carolina for a weeks visit, and for the first time ever, I got to meet my sweet little niece, Elly!! Y’all!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally met her. She is the SWEETEST!!!! I wasn’t able to be there for her birth back in October, and let me tell you… it had been the longest 6 months of my entire life as I waited for their trip up north to come.

Timmy and Corinne braved the 20 hour drive with a 6 month old which for anyone with babies knows is no small task. Spending the week with them was so much fun, and although I wish their week-long trip could have turned into a permanent stay, I knew I had to embrace the time with them no matter what.

While they were up, we celebrated my daughters 5th birthday on the 1st and then threw a Unicorn-Dinosaur birthday party for both my kids (since their birthday’s are a month apart) on the 4th! It was the best, and my kids thoroughly enjoyed how fun Uncle Timmy was!!

In between all the fun from the party and arcade games from our trip to Space Center, I spent as much time as I could snuggling up baby Elly. She is the sweetest little babe, she hardly ever cried and spent so much time smiling at all the friends and family that came to meet her for the first time, too!

To celebrate their trip up, we did a family session! My brother wasn’t a complete fan of cheesin’ for the camera, but boy oh boy was baby Elly just a ham!!! Corinne and the baby could have been my models all day if I wanted them to, but Timmy couldn’t really handle the spring bugs that were out flying around like crazy. After all, it is spring and May in New England, which as anyone from this region would know, means loads of May flies. Well, Timmy didn’t exactly have a good exchange with the bugs…. one of them flew into his throat… and well…. the session ended pretty quickly once the that happened and I’ll have to just leave at that (hahaha!).

Though the bugs were awful, the 3 of them were amazing. And I can’t wait for them to visit again so we can do allllllll the photos!!!! Corinne, Timmy and baby Elly — I love you guys so much! Thanks again for spending some quality time with us <3

xo – Jess

PS – all of Elly’s bows worn in these photos are made by Hanna of Quinn and Caroline, check them out!!

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