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Jannina + Carlos | A Brooklyn, NY Anniversary Session at East River State Park during Golden Hour

This session has made my heart happy in so many ways!!

I first chatted with Jannina and Carlos when they were planning their wedding for 2018. What was originally supposed to be a wedding in my normal service area of Massachusetts turned into me taking a trip for their wedding in Central Park on May 20, 2018!! Even though their plans changed, I was eager to travel and do something new and exciting. I won’t lie though… I had never been to NYC before so I was completely nervous that I would get lost or not find my way around but thankfully (mostly to my husband who accompanied and assisted me during the wedding!), the entire day turned out flawlessly and it was the biggest highlight of my career so far!

Jannina and Carlos are probably one of the sweetest couples I have come to be able to serve since the beginning of my time as a wedding photographer. Their love is so gentle and pure, the kind that makes you want to stop and just admire them for who they are as couple.

When they reached out to me at the beginning of the year to ask me if I would consider traveling to New York again for their anniversary session, my heart nearly exploded with excitement!!! It was like being proposed to… honestly! Of course my answer was yes!!

It felt like it took forever for this trip to come, but the day yet again came flawlessly. The ride into Brooklyn wasn’t terrible at all, and the second I caught a glimpse of Manhattan across the river I couldn’t stop smiling!! The thrill of being in a place so beautiful just makes me appreciate what I do even more.

When I finally caught up with Carlos and Jannina, my heart swelled. It brought me right back to the day they said “I do,” and again, I felt so appreciative that they asked me to travel back to meet them to celebrate their 1 year anniversary!! We planned for a Golden Hour session between the North 5th Street Pier and Park and the East River State Park which turned out to be the best decision!

Just like on their wedding day, they were so easy to direct! We moved along the river that connected Manhattan to Brooklyn and captured some of the most romantic photos with the city in the background. Though it was busy (as a place this large should be!), the whole setting was made up perfectly. The sun was glowy, the weather was warm and the love that radiated from the happy couple was even warmer.

The hour spent with them came to an end all too quickly, but I will always be grateful for the invitation back to their home city to do what I love to do.

Jannina and Carlos — thank you both again for thinking of me, and asking me to do your anniversary photos for you!! I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did, and I truly hope to see you both again, even if it’s not for photos (though I’d love to make this a tradition 🙂 )!! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

Special thanks to my husband who assisted me again during their session, and did all the driving! You’re the MVP 🙂

xo – Jess

I wasn’t sure this photo would turn out, since the glare from light on the water was literally blinding… but this is one of my favorites from the whole day!!!!
OddFellows was a date spot for them, so I knew we had to get at least one photo in front!
We ended right before sunset, and it was just absolutely dreamy!!!
Insert one million heart eye emojis!!

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