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Tanya + Steve | A Mermaid Inspired Massachusetts Wedding

Tanya and Steve first met with me last summer to go over their wedding details and see if I would be a good fit to serve them, and immediately I knew I would enjoy their company. We talked about a lot of different things that day, and then again during their engagement session last fall! They are the type of people that can strike a conversation and genuinely want to know about the person they are talking to. I felt important when I was hanging with them, and I found myself feeling like I was with old friends!

Their wedding last Saturday was a little hot, but can we expect anything different for a late June wedding? We lucked out big time weather-wise. Most of my #coralcompasscouples by now have heard me talk about how much I hound the weather leading up to sessions and wedding days, and the forecast leading up to June 19th had me biting my nails for nearly a week. I got an alert the day before the wedding for Somerville, MA saying “expect severe weather with damaging winds, hail and rain.” My heart sank, but I knew I had to arrive prepared to work all the indoor angles if that was the weather we were going to have! BY SOME SHEER AMOUNT OF LUCK… the weather held out. We had all family, wedding party AND bride and groom photos taken outside their lovely church. It was hot, but I will take hot and humid over rain on any wedding day of the year!!!

We had just enough time for photos. And when I say “just enough time,” I literally mean we heard the thunder rolling in, knew we had everything we needed and decided it was time to head to the reception…. just as I loaded everything into my car and shut my car door to fire up the GPS, the skies opened and the rain came down HARD! Lightning striking, heavy rains pouring, thunder crashing. No hail though…. but it was crazy and I was in total disbelief that everything was timed SO PERFECTLY!!!

It stormed the entire way to the venue, and it was a little too much fun walking with Brooklynn (my niece and 2019 assistant!) through the torrential downpours and streams that went up to my ankles. By the time I got to the venue which was 5 blocks from the only parking spot I could find, I was drenched up to my knee caps. But, we made it on time and walked in to family mingling and getting ready to celebrate the second half of the event with Mr. and Mrs. Delaney!!

Through all the luck with the weather though, one thing I realized was truly a blessing was that Steve and Tanya were surrounded by friends and family who loved them unconditionally and wanted to see them into their new season of life. One thing that got me teary eyed a few times throughout the day, was seeing Tanya’s mom in attendance. It was a little uncertain if she was going to be able to see her daughter walk down the aisle, and it took some pushing, but she made it. And I am so happy that she was able to stay through the first dances despite it being hard for her. The presence of love that surrounded not only the newlyweds, but her mom, was so genuine and touched my heart. Though I wasn’t able to learn more about her on Tanya and Steve’s big day, one thing I knew for sure is she’s a gentle, caring and beautiful woman who was entirely happy to see her daughter marry the love of her life. It was a reminder to me that weddings are not only about the couple beginning a new season, but it’s the turn of a new season for their dear loved ones as well. And that’s definitely something to be recognized and celebrated!

As you go through some of my favorites from their entire day, here are some highlights:

+ I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FERNANDO!!!! Fernando was the wedding planner for the Delaney wedding and he was just marvelous! So personal, so friendly and insanely outgoing with such beautiful energy! I wish I could work with him on every wedding, because he is a wedding genius! His attention to all the details was superb. I highly recommend him!!!

+ One of Steve’s best men was in charge of the motorcycles for a few photos that they really wanted. Upon reloading the bikes into the truck……….. his pants ripped down the leg and it was one of the funniest things of my life!!!

Tanya and Steve, thank you for allowing me to capture your day through my eyes!!!!

xo – Jess

Bella and Sophia are probably two of the cutest little girls and they are now officially SISTERS!!! It was so funny, I was following them down the stairs at one point to get ready to head to the church and I heard one of them say “now we’re not only friends, but we are sisters! I’m so excited!!!” <insert heart eyes> so cute!
This church was absolutely stunning!!!
I am SO glad we got these photos (above and below)!!! It was a specific photo that Tanya pointed out and I love how sweet these turned out!!!
Tanya and her sweet mom <3 These photos mean more than anyone probably realizes!!!
These kids were TROOPERS!!!! They were all melting and the littles wanted nothing to do with my camera in their face.. who could blame them!
That mermaid gown was everything!!! Tanya girl you are stunning!!!
Remember what I said about what happened as the Best Man was reloading the bikes?! Thankfully we got these shots before it happened! lol!
This was one of the harder moments of the day emotionally. But so entirely special.
I made friends with these two in the left image right before the ceremony started!! Super fun couple!!

Hair: Christine Castelli + Jillian Cerqueira

Wedding Gown: Bride-n-Belle

Bridesmaids Dresses: The Ultimate

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Planner: Fernando Sousa with Nuexquisite Events (IG: nuexquisiteevents)

DJ: DJ Ray

Cake: Cruz Cakes Shop

Catering: Ramos and Sons Catering

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  1. Tanya says:

    Jessica was amazing and so down to earth, felt like i have known her forever!! Highly recommend her she was just awesome!!