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Brendan + Beca | An Early Morning Engagement Session at Massabesic Lake | Auburn, NH

I won’t lie. I was a little nervous for this early morning session. Not because of the absolutely sweet couple I was going to meet up with, but because it was the morning and I hadn’t shot a morning portrait session since the very beginning of my days as a photographer. I wasn’t sure what the light would do, and honestly, I lost a little sleep!

After all, the light is what makes or breaks the photographs, right?!

I got there a little early because I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of foot traffic. I stopped by a few weeks prior at the tail end of the day and the lake was slammed with people who were enjoying the summer air. But, when I got there on Saturday morning, it was actually quite peaceful. There were some early birds going for walks on the trails but it wasn’t over crowded at all. It was actually a nice start to my weekend!

9am sunshine is a whole different kind of light. I am a huge advocate for golden hour portraits 2 hours before sunset, but I actually think I might start making morning sessions a thing. The glow was not what I was used to, but it was just as creamy in it’s own way. The sun that day was bright and the air was warm (like 90* at 9am warm) and though it was hot, the entire session went perfectly.

When Brendan and Beca first arrived I knew right away I would love them! Their outfits were vibrant and fun, and to me, outfits are very telling of someone’s personality. They were soft spoken but full of smiles and eager to jump in. I always ask my couples prior to our first session if there are any concerns they have before we dive deep into the photos, and they didn’t have any at all! In fact, they said they were excited to meet up and vibe with one another, and that to me is the perfect response.

Beca and Brendan were flawless. They were so easy to pose that I snapped over 700 photos in just 45 minutes. And even though it was stifling outside and we were all sweaty and aching to go dipping in the lake beside us (at least I wanted to!), they never once complained. They were so easy going and I am so freaking excited for their wedding to come it’s not even funny!! Their big day is going to be a breeze, and I know that if their engagement portraits are any indication of what will be created on their wedding day, all I can say is it will be pure and genuine magic.

You guys, thank you for taking the trip to meet with me for this session even though your weekend schedule was spent with travels from Vermont to Maine! Enjoy my favorites and I can’t wait to see you again real soon!

xo – Jess

OH YEAH! Brendan asked me if they could incorporate some acroyoga into their session, and I of course said yes! Even though I knew nothing about yoga of any sorts, I knew it obviously meant something to them if they wanted to incorporate it into their portrait time. It was a lot of fun to see them connect on that kind of level…I asked if this was something they have done together a lot, and they said for the last year and a half they have been taking classes with one another! And if I remember correctly, it was something they started doing after they began dating 🙂 I absolutely LOVED this!!!! Should we do some of these poses on the wedding day?!
This is my favorite!!!!

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