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Brittany + Jake | A Rustic Inspired Wedding at Ferry Watch | Grand Isle, VT

I was brought back to the Upper Vermont area after not having a wedding there since last season. The drive up 89 brought me right back to my back-to-back weekends last October when the fall season had really settled in. This time, I was welcomed with warm summer weather and by the grace of my good luck, we had NO rain even though it was called for in the forecast!! I swear I am mostly good luck!!

Brittany and Jake’s big day gave me all the feels, and was a giant reminder as to why I am such a fan of love stories. I first met them for a brief meeting at a coffee shop and engagement session in Lebanon last fall, where they were nothing but troopers even though the cold was a little harsh at certain moments. They were so laid back and easy going which gave me incredibly good vibes for their wedding day!

Real quick though– I have to give a huge shout out to Brittany for being one of the most organized and hands-on brides I have ever had!! Though some of her skill comes from the fact she’s a wedding planner, it was so much appreciated having a bride who put a lot of thought behind her wedding day timeline and always kept my opinions in mind while planning the day. It was SO easy communicating and Brittany girl… thank you for just being you and being one of the best brides ever!!!

Okay… back to their love story… their day was perfect!!! I don’t think anything could have gone any better even if any of us had tried. The sun was warm, but it was glowy. The views were amazing and the venue was outstanding. The wedding party went with all my ideas and cues to “ha-ha” without question– everything just went exactly as I had imagined for them. They stayed by one anothers side for most of the day once their “I Do’s” were spoken, and I know they if I was able to feel right at home being surrounded by their friends and family (from near and VERY VERY FAR!!), then I knew they felt right at home, too.

Their portrait time was a lot of fun, and if I could go back to last Saturday and photograph it all over again, I would do it in a split second. I can’t believe Brittany and Jake’s wedding day has come and gone so quickly, but what makes the entire day memorable, was knowing that Jake finally got the other half of his heart and Brittany finally #BeecameASwift!!

Jake and Brittany, I wish you both nothing but amazing days filled with love and genuine laughter. You both were incredible to serve, and I hope you enjoy some of my very favorites from your day!! I wish I could have shared all 900+ with you, but I think people would have been here for a few hours scrolling through the page haha!


PS- Thank you for having that VW bus at your wedding (I really loved it), and I may or may not have fallen in love with your Italian family!!!

xo – Jess

Brittany’s Grandmother’s ring!!
Love that engagement ring so so much!!
I loved the touch of Bee’s that were scattered throughout the day!
Something(s) borrowed.
These girls were the best!!
This photo makes me so happy! Look how radiant Brittany is!!
THIS VW BUS IS MY FAVORITE!! So shiny, red and just so cool!
Tell me this glow isn’t absolutely insane!! Some of my favorite bridal party photos ever I think!
The emotion from Brittany’s girls was amazing. Such a great moment!
GIRL STOP!!!! So gorgeous!!
These two were super adorable!
I wasn’t sure we would get any sunset time, but I’m glad they ventured onto the shoreline for these <3
Right before I left they formed a Conga Line!!! The last shot of the evening!

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