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Shawna + Eddie | A Fall Inspired Engagement Session During Golden Hour at Shaker Village

Though this is the second time these two have been featured on the blog, this is actually session number three with them!! I can’t believe how much each session has changed as I’ve photographed them.

The very first session was a family session, where Shawna let me know she was expecting baby number 2! The second session, which some of you may remember seeing earlier this year, was a family and newborn session where I got to meet their sweetest new addition and spend some time hanging out with them in their home. That session was also where I got to see Shawna’s beautiful (and I mean insanely beautiful!!!) ring for the first time! Now, this session was all about just the two of them.

Being asked to photograph the wedding of a friend from high school is such an incredible honor. Like… they like my work enough to ask me to photograph one of the biggest days of their life, and all I can think about is the growth we’ve both experienced and how we’ve come a LONG way since high school!

Some of my favorite memories of Shawna is when she had her white Mitsubishi in high highschool and Twilight posters all over her room. I legit was so jealous of her… a sweet ride and decked out room! And nothing will ever beat that time we went to Hampton Beach and I got crazy lost on the way there (this was before GPS was a thing on our cellphones) and she somehow knew how to navigate me from the side street I was on in Manchester, all the way to Hampton Beach.

Times have changed, but I am thankful for them. Being able to be apart of her latest story and journey towards marriage is incredible for me. I’ve known her a long time, and I feel beyond privileged to be there on the day she starts a brand new season in life.

The love and fun that Eddie and Shawna radiate is so warm, and I can only imagine what their wedding day will be like. If their engagement session is any indicator, I know it will be a blast! We lucked out with perfect lighting and a gorgeous evening at Shaker Village. Since we couldn’t make an actual fall session work, they brought along a cute little pumpkin that Shawna grew herself (let me just say I can’t even keep a baby cactus alive, never mind grow a pumpkin),, to bring out some fall vibes!! And, if this session doesn’t get you excited for the fall season to finally come, well… I don’t know what will!!

Thank you both for asking me to take this walk with you as you get closer to saying I Do!! Enjoy some of my favorites <3

xo – Jess

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