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Sarah + Ryan | An Evening Engagement Session in Dover, NH

These two are so sooooo fun! I knew I was going to fall in love with my time with them, when Sarah messaged me saying “Ryan really wants to wear his baboon shirt” and that they wanted some photos at one of their favorite spots which just happened to be a barcade! Full disclosure… I didn’t even know what a barcade was until Sarah told me all about it. And I gotta say, I really dig it!

I’ve never had someone wear a baboon shirt for an engagement session before. And honestly, I couldn’t have pictured these two wearing anything different than the colors they went with! The vibrancy matched their personalities and I am a big fan of wearing what speaks to you. I asked if a baboon shirt would make a debut at the wedding, and unfortunately he said no, but at least I got over an hour of capturing him in one for their engagement session!!

Baboon shirts aside, I really enjoyed walking around Dover with Ryan and Sarah, and getting to know them beyond our email exchanges. They both are incredibly sweet and I felt like I was hanging with two really good friends the entire time.

They invited me to the downtown (I think it’s considered downtown, right?) Dover area where they have a few favorite spots. We started at the Henry Law Park with their super duper adorable pups, Mallah and Pablo, who didn’t exactly care of the camera, but what dog would when there’s a park to run around in?!

From the park we made our way to the Tokens Taproom barcade which was a unique and different place than I normally photograph. I never thought I would enjoy shooting in such low light, but it was well worth it to learn their love for Galaxy, skeeball and the Simpsons game!!

Our last stop was Oriental Delight which was one of the most fun parts because I learned that while I was trying to direct them through a thick glass window that they indeed couldn’t hear me through, Ryan was winking at the camera the entire time while they pretended to drink from a scorpion bowl!! I swear, these two have insanely fun personalities, and being able to drop by the place they had their first date was really special. Quick shoutout to the hostess’ for not thinking we were crazy for requesting we use their restaurant and a scorpion bowl for photos!!

Sarah and Ryan, thanks so much for hanging out with me and showing me some of your favorite spots. I cannot wait for the wedding, and know that every moment will be just as special as your session was!

Enjoy some of my favorites <3

xo – Jess

This little family is just so sweet!
That ring is SO unique and SO gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to take all the photos of it on the wedding day!!!
One of my favorite photos of them!!!
Ryan beat Sarah at skeeball… I call a rematch in the near future!!!
This part was a lot of fun!!!

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