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Haley + Derek | A Rustic Summer Wedding at Stone Mountain Arts Center | Brownfield, Maine

Haley and Derek’s wedding was a lot of fun!! There was not a single person there that I wasn’t able to vibe with. From the happy couple themselves, to Skip and his amazingly colored suit (it matches my brand!!!) and all the bridesmaids.. everyone was just so inviting.

Haley is probably one of the most genuinely laid back brides I have had yet. There was not an ounce of stress (at least she never let on) in her body, and her soul was just incredibly happy and vibrant all day. I feel like I never found her without a smile on her face, and for me as their photographer, that made me incredibly happy!!

This wedding day was full of unique touches that really made the day different than any wedding I get to photograph. One of those things was that the bridal party didn’t have bouquets. Nope. Instead, they had “Hoopquets,” which is essentially a wooden hoop decorated in florals and FYI…. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE!!! I had never even heard of hoopquets as a thing, and as soon as I saw them I was like “YESSSSS!” It was a testament to the thought put into the wedding day, and I really appreciated the unique style they went for.

And one thing that would have gone completely unnoticed had it not been brought to my attention, was the importance of Nemo (yes, the little orange fish) and the story behind his appearance. Haley had asked me to take a photo of Nemo and her ring and told me the story of what it symbolizes. She said someone she knew had this little figurine that she took to all different places and each adventure she went on, and would take pictures of the figurine at each new place and on each new adventure. So, Haley started the same tradition with a little Nemo fish, and asked me to take some special photos so that we can say “Nemo was on this journey!” I thought it was super unique and really special, since this wedding would be one of the biggest adventures of her life!

Derek and Haley are such a fun and outgoing couple. They never had any reservations throughout the day, and photographing them surrounded by their friends and family was truly a pleasure. I find it’s hard sometimes for my bride’s and groom’s to truly relax and soak everything in. But there was never a moment throughout the day where I didn’t feel they were totally at ease and excited about this new season they were embarking on.

Before I left, I met with Haley and the last thing I remember her saying was “can you come back tomorrow so we can do it all over again?” I wish I could have! Their wedding day was one for the books and to hear her truly happy with the outcome and on cloud 9 was a great way to end the night.

Derek and Haley, I truly appreciate having the opportunity to meet you both, and learn how incredible you two are as a pair! If you ever want to do this day all over again, call me! I’ll be there in a heartbeat!!

Enjoy my favorites from your day <3

xo – Jess

Loved her dress!!
Nemo’s debut!!
These matching Tom’s are the literal cutest!!!!
Little Tenley was just soooooo cute!!!!
Melts my little heart!!!
The helping of the shoes was a funny moment!!!
If everyone could use hoopquets at their wedding, I will love y’all forever!!
One of my very favorites!!
And this one!
Love Birds <3
Such an amazing crowd of dancers!!!

Venue: Stone Mountain Arts Center

Florist: Jackie Gardner – Moonset Farms

Cake/Dessert: Lisa Somervile – Vintage Baking Company

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Tom’s

Rings: Day’s Jewelers

Suites: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Planner: Hannah w/ Stone Mountain Arts Center

Second Photographer: Jaci Fritz – Jaclyn Fritz Photography

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