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Callie + Charlie | A Sugar Hill Engagement Session With Views | Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

You guysssssss! I way overdid it on this post. I am sharing so many photos with you, but I can’t help it because I have so many favorites!!!

Callie and Charlie are the sweetest, and are so laid back! They drove two hours from Mass to meet me in Sugar Hill for their engagement session which sounds crazy to me… but then I think to myself, “Jess! You travel sometimes well over 2 hours for engagement sessions,” and it’s always well worth it! And this session was no exception.

Most of you know I love adventures. I love traveling, seeing new places and doing new things, especially when I can photograph along the way. Though I’m not a hiker and don’t take adventures hiking, I’m thrilled that that is where Charlie and Callie’s story started!

Meeting at Sugar Hill Sampler had more meaning behind it than I originally knew. Their story started when both of them took a hike, separately, on the same day. Making it to the mountaintop (and I don’t know all the details), they ran into one another. They had never met, they didn’t plan to meet… it just happened. And from there, their journey to where they are now began. And if that isn’t one of the most magical stories, I don’t know what is! Who would have anticipated that they both would start a hike that day and end of leaving knowing the person they were going to marry?!

The significance of that mountain played into their engagement session perfectly. Because the mountain they first met on was the backdrop for some of their engagement photos!! Tell me that isn’t literally perfect?!

I’ll just go ahead and tell you.. the whole session was perfect. They went with all my ideas and the glow that was around them was flawless in all ways! I am super thankful to have had that time to get to know them, and am so incredibly excited for their big day next June!

Charlie and Callie, thank you so much for taking the two hour trip to meet with me for your engagement shoot! I hope you both had as much fun as I did, and enjoy some of my (many) favorites from your session!!

xo – Jess

This one is a top favorite!!!
This one is probably THE favorite!!
This necklace holds the coordinates of where they first met!!!

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  1. Eva says:

    I could just cry. This girlie is one of the most amazing people I know and know Charlie is going to treat her the way she deserves and visa versa. God bless you both. These are all perfect. Love you

    Eva Emmons