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Talia + Robert | A Couple’s Session At Prescott Park | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

When Talia reached out to me asking if I would do a couples session with them in their wedding attire, my immediate answer was “YESSSSSS!!!”

They celebrated their wedding in Chicago on July 5th, and due to the heat and some intense events that occurred because of it, they were not able to do all the photos they wanted of just the two of them with their photographer. Though I am sure they were completely bummed to not be able to get all their photos completed on their actually wedding day, I am so thrilled that they reached out to me and asked if I would take some portraits for them!!

Talia and Robert showed up in their full wedding attire and I was so ecstatic that she even brought some details for me to capture, and a full pink bouquet! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but they came fully prepared!

I asked if they had ever been to Prescott Park, a place that I have photographed at a handful of time since my journey back to New Hampshire, and to my surprise, they said no! The two being from Chicago and Kansas City, they picked a place that felt similar to their garden and floral setting wedding that they had in July. I was a little nervous that Prescott Park’s gorgeous gardens would be dwindled by the end of September, after having a few frosty mornings, but the gardens were still full and beautiful! It made for an absolute beautiful setting for the re-do of their portraits.

Honestly, I had an incredible time with them!! Robert is hysterical, and the two together are so perfect!! Every time I would pose them, Robert made it easy to get Talia to smile and in turn, it made my hour with them incredibly easy!

We made it a joke that each year, they would break out their wedding gear and take a whole new set of photos. I don’t know if they were kidding or not, but I told them I would be absolutely on board with doing annual wedding photos with them!

Talia and Robert — it was such a pleasure to meet you! And I am so thankful that you asked me to capture these special portraits for you!! Enjoy some of my favorites <3

xo – Jess

The bracelet from her Quinceanera that she wore on her wedding day!!
Her makeup was ON POINT, and this veil shot got my heart exploding!!!
Fun fact– Robert’s ring is a Legends of Zelda ring!! Totally epic!!
So gorgeous!!!
This one is probably my favorite!! Chasing the light and finding just the right spot is what it’s all about!!! If the sun isn’t glowy and in JUST the right spot, you won’t get images like this!!
During their wedding ceremony in July, they celebrated with a Mexican wedding tradition called the Lasso Ceremony, where ropes and rosary beads are placed around one another’s neck (I believe she said by their parents) to symbolize the love that binds them as they share the responsibility of marriage!!
I am also fairly certain she told me these rosary beads were shipped to her from Mexico!! They were absolutely stunning!!!

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