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Cassie + Nathan | An Engagement Session At The Corbin Covered Bridge | Newport, New Hampshire

Cassie and and Nathan are high school sweethearts, and they are finally getting married y’all!!

When Cassie asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was so incredibly excited!! I remember when the softball and baseball teams would share a bus to a game (we all went to the same high school for a few years — I played JV softball, Cassie played varsity and Nate played varsity baseball!) , and they were always together and were the couple everyone I knew envied!! So sweet, so cute and so in love. I never in a million years would have thought to myself back in high school, “they are going to get married and I am going to be the one to document it!” But here we are, and I am so so happy and excited for them!

Years after high school and they are on their journey towards a whole new season together. They just bought their first home and have accomplished so much already, and I am so excited that marriage is just around the corner for them!!

We met in Newport for their e-session at the Corbin Covered Bridge. And though it was a sweet session for the two of them, we also incorporated Cassie’s best friend, Becca, into some photos, and I truly think that the photos of the three of them are my ultimate favorites in the history of engagement sessions!! It’s true when they say, sometimes when you get the girl, you also get her best friend, too!!

The three of them were so much fun and truly laid back. Cassie and Nate are still as sweet as I remember them from high school, and one thing I loved was that Nate was completely right when he said Cassie giggles at everything! So genuine and easy going, and her giggles made their images that much more pure!!

Thank you both (and of course Becca!) for hanging with me on one of the cooler fall days of the season so far! I simply cannot wait to celebrate your wedding day with you! <3

xo – Jess

Love love love this one!!!
You both are so sweet!!!
“I loved her first!”
Her ring is SO gorgeous!! I love the unique style, and how much it sparkled in the sunlight!!
Literally love these three!! Cassie messaged me when we were planning the session asking if we could plan to take some funny ones with Becca, and I honestly feel it wouldn’t have been complete without her!!
“Okay now do forehead to forehead…” Pure gold!
Top fav!

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