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Corrie + Derek | A Coral And Beach Inspired Wedding | PITA Hall | Newbury, Massachusetts

Corrie and Derek are an incredible time, and I can’t believe that their wedding day has already come and gone!! I feel like I was just meeting with them over some beers in Seabrook when they made the decision to have me photograph their wedding!

I think the first time I realized how fun they were was when they first inquired and we couldn’t catch each other on the phone, and Derek left me a voicemail that said “Tag! You’re it!” Between that, our nearly 2 hour meeting in Seabrook talking about everything and anything, and then how much fun we had during their engagement session… I knew I was in for a treat on their wedding day!

And boy, did their day not disappoint! They are two of the most relaxed people I have ever met and if they had any nerves at all about finally saying “I do,” neither really showed it. This day was meant to happen and they were more than ready!!

Everything turned out exactly how I would have imagined for them. They did an amazing job on the beach theme, completing each table with bowls of sand and seashells and my favorite coral color as the finishing touch on everything. Corrie looked amazing with her long dark hair and her sweetheart top lace wedding gown, and Derek and their son, Tristan, had matching suits to compare. One of my favorite little details of the whole day was a necklace that Corrie gave Tristan, that said “Today I tell your dad I do, and I promise you forever too.” <3

Once the reception started, I don’t think I saw one person who wasn’t throwing their hands up and enjoying the celebrations! And one thing I can say, is this crowd of friends and family made for some really memorable moments!!

Derek and Corrie, thank you for asking me to document your day and take part in this journey with you!! I wish you both, and Tristan, an amazing new season, and hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your day!!

xo – Jess

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