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Chelsi +Marcus | A Vintage Autumn Inspired Wedding | Ossipee, New Hampshire

I had been looking forward to the Harley Wedding for what seemed like an eternity since I last saw them at a local Dunks and chatted wedding deets with them!! How has their day already come and gone?!

Marcus and Chelsi are such an outgoing couple, and I fell in love with the two of them and their daughter, Mya, all over again on their wedding day. Aside from all the thoughtful details that went into making this vintage inspired fall day, I appreciated it for more emotional reasons.

The ceremony was probably my favorite part of the entire day, because it held such significant meaning for not just Chelsi and Marcus, but for Mya, too. Mya lost her mother some years ago, and though I’m sure it was hard to bond with another woman after losing the one who meant the most to her, seeing the incredible love Mya and Chelsi exchanged throughout the day got me so emotional. The vows that Chelsi said to Mya during the ceremony, and Mya’s beautiful reaction, had me literally crying in the back row. I am the first to admit that I am a sappy person at weddings, but that moment got to me more than I think any other moment I’ve ever witnessed.

The day in whole flew by insanely quickly and I found myself greatly enjoying everyone’s company! I swear me and Chelsi are almost the same person, and I appreciated how many details she included in the day that spoke to my soul!! From the Vera Wang dress (I LOVE VERA WANG) to the cathedral veil (if you know me, you know I love me so big veils!!), to the crystals, ceremony broomstick and Harry Potter flats!! I appreciated all the details so much, but especially enjoyed the tie she gave to Marcus that said “Nice Butt, I love you” haha!!!

Marcus, Mya and Chelsi, thanks so much for inviting me to hang with you three on your special day. I hope it was everything you dreamed of, and hope you enjoy some of my favorites!! <3

xo – Jess

This tie was worn by Mya!! She was Marcus’ “Best Man!”
Chels has the most amazing personality!!!
Their first look was so so sweet <3
After their first look, they had one with their two little pups!! Who wore DRESSES!!!!
This beautiful broach bouquet had a great deal of thought behind it, and included pieces from her grandmother and mother, and a photo of her brother!
And this!!!!
I was obsessed with Trents outfit!! Not only do I love the red suit, but his superhero getup was perfect!!!!
“Can I get a witness?” lololol
That first embrace once it’s officially official
The sign all the way to the right says ” Roses are Red, True love is Rare, BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY Rockin’ everywhere!” LOVE THIS AND HOPE EVERYONE MAKES THIS SIGN A THING AT THEIR WEDDING!
Mya gave the most perfect speech to her parents <3
Love these two!!!

Florist: Farmhouse Flowers | Brayton Eldridge

Cake/Dessert: Chris Cousins

DJ/Band: A Main Event Entertainment | DJ Will Smith

Hair: Carroll County Choppers

Make-up: BW Beauty

Catering: Harley Jacks

Wedding dress: Vera Wang

Bridal Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Rings: Zale’s and Market Square Jewelers

Groom’s suit and shoes: Men’s Wearhouse

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