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Julia + Ken | A Wagon Hill Farm Engagement Session | Durham, New Hampshire

Y’all!!!! I ?? have ?? been ?? BLESSED with some of the most amazing couples, and as I am in the thick of engagement sessions for all my 2020 brides, I am realizing just how sweet and incredibly outgoing my couples are. Truly, wholeheartedly…. my couples are so dreamy!!

Ken + Julia are a perfect example of the kind of people I get to serve. Outgoing, carefree, joyful and sooooo easygoing!! The entire time we were hiking around Wagon Hill Farm I found it was easy to just talk about life. And it’s crazy how much I find myself having things in common with them!

Though Durham, NH is nowhere close to where they had their engagement session in IRELAND (eeeeek!!!), I feel privileged all the same. Golden hour during this fall season has been so perfect, and I am so glad that Julia requested open fields for her location. Golden light fell everywhere which made my heart so happy, despite the fact the beach and water access was incredibly limited compared to the last session I did there more than a year ago.

Some of my favorite things about this session was the fact that Julia wore 12 year old wedges that look literally brand new, and have been her shoe of choice to most (if not all) weddings over the years!! I thought it was incredibly fitting and they looked gorgeous on her!! Oh yeah…. and Ken, if you’re reading this, I am truly sorry I had you sit on a pricker patch!!!!! You are amazing and I promise I won’t have you do that on the wedding day ???

You both are amazing, and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites!! <3

xo – Jess

This portrait is a top fav!!! SOOO gorgeous!!!
Love love love this one!!!
In summary… they killed it!!! So amazing!!

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