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Vicki + Ryan | A Family Wedding | Northfield, New Hampshire

It’s been a month filled with so much craziness (the good kind). And while this wedding wasn’t part of my normal season, it is probably the most special I have had the opportunity to photograph this year!

Vicki is my older sister, and we have both experienced some crazy times throughout life. Many challenges. Many good moments. And though we are several years apart, I’ve always looked up to my big sis. She’s a hard working badass nurse who has achieved so much in her 30 short years of life!! Some of the best times with her was when I worked as an LNA at the same building she was a nurse at, and then when I lived on her couch for 2 weeks at the end of my pregnancy with my daughter!!

Fast forward to this year when she got engaged to my now brother-in-law, Ryan, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them both!! He’s brought out the best characteristics in Vicki, and knowing your sibling is loved and cared for beyond measure is a really incredible feeling. The two of them have accomplished so much with one another in the past few years, but 2019 takes the cake for them in my opinion!! They got engaged, bought their dream house and celebrated the beginning of their marriage by marrying in that house! It was exactly what I would have envisioned for them.

And I got to be the one to take their photos on their wedding day 🙂 It would be a super giant lie if I said I wasn’t a nervous wreck to take their wedding photos… I mean, it’s my big sis!! I don’t want to disappoint!! And though I added on way too much unnecessary pressure on myself that no one else was applying, I am just so glad they allowed me the opportunity to do this for them.

Ryan and Vick, thank you for all you do for my little family. Thank you for all you do for Skylar and Zakaree, and for being the best auntie and uncle to those little cherubs! We are grateful for you, and I’m thankful you let me take these for you!!


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