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Dot + Eddy | A Winter Engagement Session | Prescott Park | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Winter can be challenging when it comes to photos. More so because we don’t want to freeze to death while out getting all the angles, and one day it’s a mild 40*, the next it’s -7* with windchill.

We had originally planned to meet on a Friday but I knew as soon as I went to go clear snow off my car that morning that it was going to be miserable. It was one of the coldest days of the season, the wind was harsh and I had to take breaks from clearing the snow because it was just that cold! I left it up to Dot and Eddy because the last thing I wanted to do was waste a day if we could make it work by pushing through the cold, but I am secretly happy we waited an extra week because though it was still quite chilly during their session, it was much more manageable and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR RESULTS!!!

Eddy and Dot literally are one of the most bubbly couples I have ever met! I feel like a broken record, but the two of them together are simply so sweet!! Their love is so gentle and I can tell just by the way Eddy looks at Dot, that he adores her so much. It was easy to get them to roll with my prompts and they executed flawlessly!!

Their smiles, the way they giggled and held each other…. it was a dream to photograph them! They didn’t mind my excitement when I would see backdrops that caught my eye, and it truly felt like I was hanging with longtime friends, which is always such a wonderful feeling.

I am a sucker for proposal stories… and hearing them talk about how it all went down genuinely warmed my heart. Christmas time, Dot loves the snowy season, and though she anticipated it happening on their trip to Europe, he popped the question in the most romantic way right before the trip and she ended up being so surprised!!!

I’m so excited to see them again on their wedding day this August!! It feels like a lifetime away but before we know it, their day will be here and I will get to celebrate with them alongside their friends and family <3

Dot and Eddy, thank you so much for enduring some chilly weather and strolling through Portsmouth with me!! Enjoy some of my favorites 🙂

xo – Jess

Their ability to giggle and laugh the whole time was just sooooo amazing <3 <3 <3
Her ring though …. <heart eye emojis>
So sweet…. while we chatted about the direction of the wind, Eddy was warming her hands!!
Low key obsessed with that red door!!!

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