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Alexis + Casey | A Winter Engagement Session | Downtown | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Can I really call this a Winter engagement session? It was mild compared to the session I shot in this very same location just the week before… the snow was literally 90% gone with just hints of leftovers here and there, and it felt more like Spring than anything. So was it realllllyyy a Winter session? Eh, let’s go with it!

I was thankful for a mild Spring-like day, and it was honestly the perfect set up for me, Lexi and Casey’s gander around Downtown Portsmouth!! We started their session at the Thirsty Moose Taphouse where they shared their love for beer over a couple of brews and got some unique indoor shots at their bar!! The manager there was super sweet and let me have some freedom in the quieter parts of the venue, and though I really prefer natural, bright and well lit areas, I loved the string lighting in the downstairs bar!!!

We made our way down several streets in Portsmouth, and I was ecstatic to hear more about their twisted Cinderella-like beginning!! When Lexi first inquired with me about her wedding, she shared that they first met when they worked at the same Saver’s store where one day she threw a high heel back up the processing table and hit Casey in the head. Not a missing-a-glass-slipper-story necessarily, but I think that’s an absolutely incredible start to their journey!! Love at first sight via a nice high heel chuck to the head 🙂

What I loved most about my time with Casey and Lexi was how joyful, carefree and absolutely hilarious they are!!! At one point, in between the butt grabs, tree climbing, random twirls and Casey telling Lexi “your lipstick tastes like shit ??,” she was doubled over telling me how her stomach was hurting because she was laughing so hard…. and if that isn’t one of the biggest compliments of my time and processes, I don’t know what is!!!

Their love is so sweet, and seeing Lexi lean into Casey the way she did with every prompt and pose was so telling of their love. And I cannot wait for their wedding at the BVI on the first day of Spring in 2021!!

Thank you guys so much for making my Monday this week so much sweeter!! Enjoy some of my favorites <3

xo – Jess

PS. The epic ring shot where the Lexi’s ring is suspended from a tree branch is 100% credited to Casey!!! I’ll point it out ?

I loooove this photo!!!
I realized post processing that this house had a Ring doorbell… I can only imagine what they thought when watching the footage of us in front of their house taking all the photos!!!
This was Casey’s idea!!!! Not only did he hold the branch steady, he used his iPhone light to give it some extra lighting!!
THIS!!!! I am over the moon at the fact Lexi was all game for sitting on that tree!!! Probably my top favorite portrait from their session!
We got some sun for literally 45 seconds!!!
Their laughs were amazing!!!!
If you are a #coralcompassbride and have had your engagement session with me… can you guess what this prompt was?!
This one!!!!
I love her vintage-style ring!!! It is literally so freakin’ pretty!!!

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