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Recap of our Arizona trip!

It has always been my dream to travel. For most of those who follow me, that may not come to anyone’s surprise. For the longest time before I ever became dedicated to creating my business and having a career as a wedding photographer, I wanted to be a nurse. Specifically, a traveling nurse! It was my goal to be in the medical field, and for the first few years out of high school, that’s what I was involved in. I started as a Licensed Nursing Assistant and was even accepted into a Bachelor’s of Nursing program. But, things in life shift all the time and I ended up grabbing a camera instead of a stethoscope, and here I am!

Instead of traveling for the medical field, my new goal is to travel far and wide for weddings. Taking this trip to Arizona has been an even bigger driving force to taking myself nationally. I want to see things, do things and experience places that I’ve always doubted I would. I’ve done weddings throughout New England, New York City and various places in North Carolina. So, traveling out west will hopefully be the turning point for me and I can’t start hopping on planes more!

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of seeing a big ole saguaro. I love succulents, and having mini cacti sprinkled throughout my home has always brought much joy….even if they are all fake! Getting out to the Desert Botanical Gardens was, in some ways and I know many will think I’m crazy, like Disney Land for me. It was so fascinating seeing nature outside of what I am used to on the East Coast.

Big cactus, cute little agave plants and a million other beautiful pieces of dry greenery. There was so much to see. We spent 2 hours walking around the gardens and I couldn’t get enough! We saw hundreds of cactus and I literally had to refrain myself from taking photos of each and every one!!

I hope to get back to the desert some time soon. This trip was, outside of the wedding I got to photograph, a big relief from life. Sometimes when you’re so used to going going going for everyone else, it’s hard to remember to prioritize doing the things you want for you. I’ve never ever taken a trip like this. And the main purpose was to come out and serve our good friends Penny and Wade, but it dueled to be a trip for my husband and I, too!

Since we have been married, we haven’t taken any sort of trip like this. Not with the kids. Not without the kids. Not for us. Not ever. We have gone up and down the East coast a few times, but there was always an agenda that never included us relaxing and enjoying ourselves. This last weekend we made it a point to be intentional with our time and soak it all in. We talked about maybe retiring out in the Arizona bowl, but maybe we should take a few more vacations before we decide ?

I could have had my camera in hand a lot more than I did… but I am proud of all the ones I did get that weren’t iPhone photos!!! Enjoy taking a look into one of the best weekends of my entire life ?

These donuts were AMAZINGGGGG!
I wanted to try in-n-out burger when I want to California like 10 years ago, and my husband has always wanted to try it too! So, we made it a point to go try one out while we were there and it did not disappoint!! It’s just as good as everyone says it is.

INCOMING!!!! Here come all the cactus photos!

Seeing plants taller than me was SO fascinating!!!
I severely underestimated how warm it would be, so I tied my sweater around my waist and felt like I was in 5th grade again ??? Also, me with my trusty bag that my #coralcompasscouples might recognize!! Made its way to AZ!
Also, I am so proud of my husband for not only taking a million photos of me with my camera that isn’t the easiest to use, but for also putting up with me taking a million photos of him along the way!! Thanks KJ <3
There was a butterfly hut with I think they said like 10,000 butterflies in it or something?? It was SUPER neat seeing them land on people left and right!
Tell me this isn’t just so fascinating?? I literally can’t find another word to describe it. It was so foreign seeing these everywhere in Arizona. I was in heaven!!!
They had giant neon sculptures all over the place, and since it’s taller than me, I just had to get a photo with it ?
Photo cred: my honey
A giant sun dial!
This sweet old lady saw me and my husband standing with my camera trying to attempt a selfie and she insisted she get our photo with my camera… she couldn’t see through the view finder and said “It’s just one giant blur!!!!” She got a pretty decent photo considering she literally took it blindly!! ??????
My awful attempt at a selfie with my camera ? I personally love it enough to keep it!!

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